The Hunger Games

I am currently reading this book. I am not a big fan of first person perspective, however, this book is a wonderful read. I highly recomend it.

I have read it, and it was very good. Normally I do not read fiction.


I enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to…given the premise. The later two books get more into the inner workings of the capitol, and serve as a broader allegory for oppressive governments. Some application for our day???

Great series. I read the first two quite a ways back and got the third the day it came out. Te metaphors in the series can apply to a lot of different things.

I thought the movie was decent, but the writer denied it an opportunity to be great.

How many times did the writer take away any real interesting moral dilemma. The writer made the decision for the main character just about every chance the story had to go to a much more interesting level.

In what way? Like examples. I’m just wondering.

The little black girl and main character were allied. They were going to have to face off at some point. The main character was going to have to decide how to handle her, make a decision one way or the other. The district 1 dude kills her off and removes the difficulty for the main character (sorry, I don’t remember their names). The plot took care of the difficulty for her. All that was left for her was to mourn. It was easier when it was her “love” and she had to figure out a clever way out. She never had to confront that particularly interesting question. I’m not sure there’s a right answer, but it would have made a heck of a story for her to make a decision, figure out why and live with it. I don’'t know what comes later in the series.

These were the sorts of things that made “Battlestar Galactica” such an interesting top-notch TV series.

I also thought the District 1 and District 2 contestants were two-dimensional bad guys while they were also victims of the very same oppressive system. We were led to feel good when they were killed. There was little character development there, and that issue seems to be generally ignored.

Well, I think if she had to decide to kill Rue then it would have been hard to get behind Katniss as the “good guy” in the book. It would have taken from her humanity in my opinion. I believe at times though that she had to make really hard moral decisions, my mind is drawing blank because it’s been awhile since I read them. As far as the district 1 & 2 people are concerned, she added that part in the end with Cado where he says “Shoot me, I’m going to die anyways even if I win this game” (not a direct quote) in an attempt to show that even the district 1&2 people were frustrated with it.

Yeah, that was a nod in the right direction with that guy.

As for killing Rue, yeah, that’s the trick… Putting the main in that position was really interesting, but it was handled antiseptically by the plot. That’s what keeps it from being great imho.

I don’t know though, she does have to make touch choices towards the end of the series. I don’t think I could have respected her as much if she would have killed Rue or left her. I just don’t know, in all fairness she was ready to kill Peeta at first.

I’ll look forward to seeing where the series goes. I’ll definitely be watching. I thought the portrayal of her humanity was superb in the movie. I also would have found her killing Rue to be something I wouldn’t respect. At the same time, it would have been an excellent pragmatic solution to a problem that she had not created. I could see many going along with such an action based on that premise (read that in context of another discussion :wink: ). At the same time, to such pragmatists, it would leave a bad taste in the mouth because they are human and they know it’s wrong. That’s where and why the discussion would be interesting. Compare it to less forceful matters, such as planning laws and their attack on private property rights, and the pragmatists lose their opposition to such a flagrant rights violation.

When was she ready to kill Peeta? When he was betraying her?

What the heck is her name, btw?

You really should read the books. They are amazing. I agree that being pragmatic can in some situations lead you into dangerous territory. Well, I think she believed that Peeta was ready to kill her when he was roaming around the arena helping the 1&2 district people, so yes, I believe she would have killed him. Her name is Katniss, which is odd lol.

Oh, you said her name and I missed it lol.

Yeah, but then Peeta appeared to be an active threat to her at that point. That’s not much of a dilemma. The end did present a bit of a dilemma, but her cleverness won the day there, and I think it was a very appropriate decision on the part of the writer regarding the conclusion.

It gets really hard core morally going in the third book. In all honesty, this is one of the only books I have ever read in my life where at the end I didn’t say “wow that was a happy ending, but I don’t think that would happen in real life”. At the end of this book then I was thinking that it was extremely dark and realistic and that if you want change then you have to pay a price. Just be ready for that price to be paid.

Cool. Might be worth picking them up and reading them.

That is my problem with the entire series. It is unrealistic. I cannot stand books like that.

Lol did you read my whole post? I said that this book series didn’t make me feel the highlighted way.

I read your post from “It” all the way to “paid”. I was just stressing that the highlighted reason is my main problem with the Hunger games series.

You really felt that it wasn’t realistic? What kind of books do you read?