The Impeachment Inquiry


well. what a day. Democrats having poutrage.

I mean REAL Poutrage…cause they gotta take this guy out now or he WILL win a second term.

I can only imagine the tone in this country after 2020.

One of the funniest parts of this inquiry was when Eric Swalwell was questioning Joseph McGuire. Mr. McGuire addressed him as congresswoman. apologized and said congressman. Let’s see. Corey Lewandowski addressed Swalwell as President during his time before the committee. Mr. McGuire calls him Congresswoman. Let’s face it. Swalwell is a total d**k. Everyone in DC has his number.


Adam Schiff recited his own fantasy version of what he said The President said in the Ukraine phone call…and of course leftists thought he was actually reading from the transcript. It wasn’t until after he was called out on his deception that he admitted it was parody.

Is this what congressional committees and CHAIRMEN have become?? HOW does this in any way shape or form promote justice and truth?? it doesn’t.


Of course, when Uncle Joe Stalin had problems in the Ukraine, he called for the Red Army, KGB and Baby Boy Nikita Kruzchev ,his fixer. Heads would roll amongst the bourgeois ,TASS would announce victory, and a Gulag Sendoff Party would sweep up the leftovers. Tsk…and all Mr. Trump can do is call for Rudy ?
The Senator


And what is your point?

The real question is why isn’t the lame stream news media interested in what Biden and his son were doing? The answer, of course, is because Democrats are incapable of wrong doing anything wrong, like Hillary Clinton.


He knew exactly what he was doing and it wasn’t preaching to the choir and it certainly wasn’t parody. It was directed at casually curious Joe Blow who tuned in for the first 10 minutes until he figured it was as boring as watching paint dry. First impressions count. Believe it.


oh I know. I’ve run into lib posters on other boards who think that because he said it on television in committee session that he read straight from the complaint. You can’t convince them otherwise. LIberals, who think they have an informed opinion, are only parroting what they hear from the propaganda arm of the demo’rat party and from demo’rats like Mr.Schiff for Brains. They are lazy and won’t do any reading for themselves. They are too happy to believe the pap they’re fed.


Yes, I have a liberal dingbat on another site who immediately got on the impeachment wagon when this story broke. He hates Trump so much that he must be frothing at the mouth when he writes his posts. I think the guy lost his marbles on Election Night 2016 and has never been able to recover them.

He is a big Elizabeth Warren supporter. He is looking for language in the constitution that will allow the government to confiscate our private property and make the U.S. into a socialist country.


Maybe he’ll learn something although the odds are against that happening.


I’ll bet he says the most vile things to conservative women at that site too. right?


Here is the tagline he puts on all of his posts.

SCROTUS - So Called Ruler of the United States. What a ball sack.

As you can see he is quite articulate.


yeah. I know liberals like that online.


He calls himself “Joe Nation.” He should have called himself “Molotov.” He posts like a Bolshevik and thrives on throwing incendiary devices… If he ever was liberal, he abandoned that for communism long ago. He has a classic case of Trump derangement syndrome.


I’ve become alarmed at the level of passionate hatred that’s being routinely expressed toward the president. And elected Democrats seem to have no limits at all as to what lies they will tell or how steadfastly they’ll stick to their lies even when the truth becomes obvious.

On the other side, I’m also alarmed at the number of conservatives that post comments glorying in the prospect of another civil war. Civil war? Leftists wouldn’t fight like gentlemen. We would quickly be without communications or utilities and be low on food. What kind of an idiot would welcome a civil war?

I used to think abortion was the only issue as potentially volatile as slavery was. But now it seems just being for or against President Trump is about the most volatile issue of all.


I don’t think the left would DARE start a real civil war, if for no other reason than that they’d be seriously outgunned.


We’re already in one. There is just no overt fighting.


What they are talking about is a political civil war, and we are already there. If the news media would do its job, this crap would be finished, but the media WANTS this to happen. If they can’t drive Trump from office, they want to tie him up so that he can’t do anything as president. In other words, they want this country to fail so that they can take over, and that is just sick. :face_vomiting:


That’s why they’re trying to get leftists in charge of the government in general and the military in particular.


and our guns.