The Intellectual Origins of the Left's Drive to Sexualize Children

And they push on. In Houston, they staged a ‘kid-friendly’ drag show at a local homosexual eating place:

Obviously redundant (and I know you know it, because you put the first part in quotes), but “kid-friendly drag show” is an oxymoron of the first rank.

Where are you quoting ‘kid-friendly’ from? I’m not seeing that it was aimed at children anywhere on their website, events, or articles. I may be missing it so apologies in advance if that’s the case.

@Gene, stop being intentionally dense. These “kid friendly” drag shows have been shown on the news, in places like Dallas, Texas where there is enclave of liberals.

The question for you is not to deny that these shows exist because they do. The real question is, is it proper to expose young children to this?

First of all, can we agree that this is happening all over the country?

I’ll get the detail on “Hamburger Mary’s” in Houston in a little while. It’s a queer-friendly cafe, with ‘spicy’ drag shows in the evening, and ‘family-friendly’ events during the day, whatever that means now. (Maybe during the day it licks itself?)

Here’s the source for the general information:

"*And while some things will change, the great burgers that Hamburger Mary’s is known for—and the daytime family-friendly atmosphere—will remain. *

“Our entertainers know how to do kid-friendly shows,” he says. “We’ll be very family-friendly during the day and the brunches. But at night it can be a bit spicy.

I believe what the group was protesting was a special drag show, with kids invited.

This is not some weird unusual thing, or something invented by insane conservatives.
Look here;

Step by step.

But your position, I think, is that this is just fine: young children should be exposed to this sort of thing. Am I right?

If I’m wrong, and you don’t support the advancing sexualization of children …good.

I suspect many genuine liberals don’t, or are at least not comfortable with it.

Of course, this puts traditional liberals into an uncomfortable place. Any sane person will be uneasy, at a minimum, about exposing young children to overt, public sexuality – homo or hetero, because sex is something special … it’s not a pleasure like other pleasures.

So sane liberals cannot be happy about this. On the other hand, they don’t want to be identified with right wing bigots and fascists and Trump-tards.

I don’t know exactly what they should do in this case. Fifty or so years ago, in the after-glow of the Sixties, the paedophiles came out into the open and organized groups to advance their right to have sex with chldren. At first, they were accepted by the Left – then, for whatever reason, they were pushed away and shunned.

But, step by step, things have moved on. So this issue is a problem for genuine old-fashioned liberals. I don’t honestly know what they should do here. But it’s not going to go away. In fact, the boundaries will get pushed out further and further.

What should “good, old fashioned liberals” do? Stand on their principles if they disagree with this and show some independence. Why is total party discipline required? Can’t people diverge from their party now and then, or are we all required to stay in a box?

It’s well known here I that support early term abortions. I have also expressed desire to vote for someone other than Trump in the Republican presidential primary. I wish that Trump would not run, and if he does run in the primaries that that he be defeated by a conservative candidate with a thicker skin, more discipline and better judgement.

Trump should have never held that rally on January 6. I am not joining Liz Cheney and that crowd, but Trump should have had sense enough to know that reversing the 2020 election result was a lost cause.

No. I think it’s happened on a very low order of magnitude and been amplified to death.

I’m glad you got a source for the quote, but so far as I can tell the brunch wasn’t advertised as a show for kids. Just that all are welcome during the day. Nobody is being forced to bring their kids their either. Do you think you have a right to tell parents how to raise their kids?

This isn’t appropriate either, but it’s not illegal:


I’m not going to say parents can’t take their kids to it. I’m not taking mine to either a drag show or hooters, but who am I to say they can’t?

That’s the information I’m having a tough time backing up, but even if it is true, no parent is being forced to bring their kids to it.

Not for nothing, quite literal neo-nazis with swastikas lined up as allies of the Texas group protesting the bar. So, you know, great company y’all are keeping. I thought it was hilarious the person interviewed in your original article was almost embarrassed and trying to distance themselves from the Nazis, while also not totally dismissing them. Saying they were on the same side, the Nazis were just a little more extreme than them.

And that’s a choice. Bringing said people to schools is not. If Hooters so much as catered a school event, parents would be in the right to protest

Sure but this whole thread has been about the choice to bring kids to a gay bar

Direct quote from the organizer of the protest in the second post:

“I don’t think parents should be allowed to take their kids to these events, and I think that there should be a law banning it from happening,”

Alright, continuing on Hooters :

"Patricia Bellasalma, NOW’s California president, tells the San Francisco Chronicle that in recent years, Hooters has promoted itself as family friendly. It offers children’s menus and T-shirts in children’s sizes that say “Future Hooters Girl.”

Is this okay?

No, I think those that take their kids there are bad parents, but they shouldn’t be banned from doing it so long as nothing otherwise illegal is happening.

So heterosexual images are bad for children, but drag queens are okay. Is that your position, @Gene?

No, my position is I wouldn’t take my kids to either

That’s good. Thank you for giving me a straight, honest answer @Gene

BTW if you have never been to a Hooters, it’s mostly shapely, attractive women dressed in shorts, which fall short of hot pants. with their legs covered in flesh colored stockings. It’s nothing too racy.

The Playboy bunny outfits were far sexier. And yes, I once had a Playboy bunny key which also allowed me to go to one one of their hotels in the area, which was like a country club.

Randy Rainboy and Katherine Ryan might disagree with you. So do I considering what I saw at a Mt Druit Hooters.