The Ismalization of America


**Massachusetts court upholds ruling that pastor must study Islam

I do not believe that Pastor Daisy Obi, a 73-year-old ordained minister from Nigeria, threw the Islamic supremacist Gihan Suliman down the stairs. I think Suliman is a liar — I have seen this too any times. Muslim revenge. Muslims in Muslim countries under the sharia do this all the time: accuse Christians of blasphemy in order to get them jailed or punished.
The woman accused of saying anti-Muslim things and “pushing a Muslim tenant down the stairs” rents to several Muslims. So clearly she is not anti-Muslim. And secondly, the alleged victim had upwards of 15 people living her the apartment, so of course the landlord would complain.
This ruling is unconscionable. I think Obi should take a course in Islam from Robert Spencer or Ibn Warraq.

More attacks on the church. So now christians have to learn muslim ways while I am sure the same does not apply to muslims learning christian ways.

Christians are told they have to support practices against their faith and even are forced to host events which is counter to their religion.