The Jesus Shot!


Only a short few days ago we watched as HildaBeast stumbled with mought agape and had to be helped on 9/11 into her waiting van. The suddendly we say her a few days later looking fine, but I noticed a certain flatness in her voice, a slow speaking almost monotone, he seems to have picked up from there.

Maybe she got what is called the “Jesus Shot”: An injection is a mixture of two anti-inflammatory drugs (Dexamethasone and Kenalog) and Vitamin B12 and it may contain some other drugs. I have talked to someone that had it and they claim its a magic bullet. Well there are lots of shots that can make you feel better and stop chronic pain and other maladies at least temporally. I am thinking they have got her on something…


She seems to have a lot of ups and downs in her health. They may have given her something new, but I think she’s already been on various things for a while… possibly close to a decade. I think a lot of people seem to believe her recent health is some kind of new problem. I don’t think it is. She seems to have been dealing with it for a long time. Which is why I think people wondering if she’ll make it through the election don’t get that none of this is new. She’s had roller coaster health for years. I don’t expect anything major in the next six weeks.


JFK was getting injections from “Dr. Feel Good” who later had his medal license lifted. As was later revealed these shots were not much more than amphetamines, in street language “speed.”

I’m sure that they doing something similar with Hillary to jack her up long enough to survive the campaign, THEY HOPE. These questions about her health are only one more reason not to vote for her. She’s just a dishonest, totally egotistical, incompetent old woman, whose ambition far exceeds her abilities.


Yea you can see it in her look, she is on drugs. Little known is that senior Command military officers that were fighting in Desert Storm were being given drugs that kept them going without sleep etc for days on end. Its a classified concoction of some drugs. Only a full COL MD could authorize and administer…