The King Family has Made It Official…

We won’t be celebrating Martin Luther King Day thing year because the Democrat voter fraud authorization bill has not passed. “Progressives” have taken whining to new levels.

Tucker still whines harder. This is a pretty low tactic that will backfire.

What “low tactic” is that, @Unitedwestand? It’s really the rotten “election reform” bill that will end voter photo ID requirements and then extend the opportunities for ballot harvesting and ballot box stuffing. Our elections will boil down to who can cheat better.

Back in 1993, during the early days of the Clinton administration, his appointment for attorney general, Lonnie Guinevere, called for Black voters to receive multiple ballots and votes. That cost her the nomination Clinton gave her. Now, the Democrats are pushing the same concept. One voter gets to multiple times.

Both Election reform bills have ID REQUIREMENTS. You don’t understand states are appointing their electors in a partisan way to decide who wins the election not based on vote but based on “Opinion” of the legislator.

@Gene they want to brand him they don’t realize he was a Democratic Socialist which is to the left of most democrats. Maybe they shouldn’t pander to a cause they don’t really believe it. It might just be easier for them to quote Thomas Sowell or that Candi woman who likes Trump. They either don’t get it or won’t get it.

I know good and well that he was to the economic left, and promoted government involvement in the economy. The left doesn’t like to admit that he was a social and religious conservative.

He was and he was left on the economy. He was a better man than me he could forgive and pray for the police who hosed and beat him down. The same government that said he couldn’t believed could bring us all together. I won’t deny he would be horrified by the LGBT, Drug abuse, Violent culture of today I don’t doubt that. I respect that.

The Right don’t like to admit the system the voted for the economic system has put them under even more than in the days of MLK. BET the channel a free market choice for the black public is so demeaning and pandering they won’t even watch it. yet somehow it makes money. Ain’t no one got cable, why those young white kids listen to rap?

Even the “moderate voter” like me pretending we was equal hoping it was gonna happen some day has blame. Ok and someway faking like we were equal was worse than people actively stopping the equality.

I post mainly from my phone but I always try to make sure that the posts are understandable, formatted properly, using the correct spelling of words that actually belong where they are placed.

As I said, I want my posts to be understandable but … Readable works to.

I hate to sound unreasonable but from now on could you please ‘proof read’ before you submit?


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How so? What was better in 1960?

People even work less hours per year today. They have more leisure time than ever.

Now, single parent households became dramatically more common, and so is youth unemployment.

But pretty sure Conservatives, didn’t vote for the causes of either.

Where’d you get that graph? I’m having trouble finding it and the data on it isn’t clear. Mainly, what year was it published? I assume those numbers are vs. present, but I don’t know when “present” is for it.

It’s apart of their “life in numbers” feature where you stipulate a birth year, and they’ll generate a chart with that year as a starting point.

There is portion I cutoff; Democracy, they’re showing a 10% decrease in that respect.

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When you adjust this for Black Americans numbers get worse in Incarceration, Education, Relative wage growth to every other race. The only thing that has gotten better is black illiteracy which went down at a faster rate because it was so high in 1960. Black Americans are moving forward yet are lightyears behind, and why do we tolerate this?

Ah sorry, I only put together now that you were talking about African-Americans specifically. My mistake.

In education they improved, they did not get worse. At least the census says they did not:

Wages have grown, and they’re improving decade over decade.

So 1960 was not better in either respect.

We did see incarceration spike in the 1980s thanks to the War on Drugs, but that’s improved since then, because the War Drugs, thankfully, is dying out:

Lack of fathers in the home.

white folk got this issue to my daddy was forced out at 6 (heroin) and he didn’t show up most weekends left for good when I was 12. I only work 20 hours a week so I’m a full time dad.

Yeah, but it’s a lot more rampant among American blacks.

You didn’t have a father you had an overbearing mother and likely turned out allright. I was back here when Susana posted I lurked for years before my first post.

Well I will. The democrats can eat me.