The KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists & Trump

I’ve been giving this issue considerable thought and have come to the conclusion that there IS some truth to the claim that the KKK, etc. “supported President Trump,” though not for the reasons the left would have us believe. One thing that characterizes all of those groups is their xenophobia…their hatred of anything or anyone that doesn’t look like them, thinks like them or behaves like them. When the lefties started (wrongly) accusing President Trump of being a xenophobe, the leadership of these groups seemed to say, “Aha! In THIS President we have a kindred soul!” Overlooking the FACT that prior to his election, he’d been a staunch supporter of many African American/Hispanic/Jewish “causes.” He successfully sued the county in Florida where Mar-a-Lago is located because county officials had wanted him to bar blacks and Jews from membership, creating a precedent which eventually caused ALL such clubs to admit minorities too. When United Airlines refused to fly a seriously ill Jewish boy from Kalifornia to New York for treatment because he had to travel with burdensome life-support equipment, Trump sent his own, private plane to Kalifornia to transport him to the East Coast for treatment at no cost to the family. When a black NYC bus driver stopped his bus on an overpass bridge and talked a woman down from an attempted suicide, Trump sent the man a check for $10K because he thought such thoughtfulness deserved a reward. When a black employee struggled with alcohol and drug addictions, Trump didn’t “kick her to the curb,” but rather supported her efforts to become addiction-free. When a NYC passerby stopped and changed a flat tire for Trump on his vehicle, Trump asked what he could do for the man. The man gave him his address and asked that Trump send his wife a bouquet of flowers. When the flowers arrived, there was a note attached saying, “Thanks again. I also paid off your mortgage!” The point is, Trump’s not and never HAS been a xenophobe OR a racist of any sort. As that became more and more apparent thoughout his 4 year tenure in the White House, those same KKK, Neo-Nazis, etc. wandered away, looking for a REAL racist to support.

EDIT: NEVER make the mistake of thinking that because some of these racist groups agreed with President Trump on one or two issues that PRESIDENT TRUMP…or the vast majority of those who voted for him…agree with THEM. That’s what Democrats will claim and, as usual, they’re dead-bang wrong.


Yeah that.

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I am sure that the Communist Chinese ecstatic the Joe Biden is now the President. Since they have bought lots of influence through his son, their investment will be paying huge dividends. What Joe be told to roll over on every key issue with the Chi-Coms.

I have used the passive voice purposely here because old Joe doesn’t have much grey matter left to make decisions on his own. I have struck by the number of times I’ve seen him stumble over words repeatedly in public pronouncements now that the fix is complete, and he is President. He won’t be there for long. The Democrats are greasing the skids for him as we speak.

There was a time when being tied with the communists was a black mark against your reputation. Government service, especially in security sensitive positions, was huge no-no. Now it’s a badge of honor, almost a requirement.


I still wonder if Pelosi the Evil won’t find a way to shove Harris out the door before she has a chance to select a vice president. That would make Pelosi the president. Doom.

I would put nothing passed Pelosi. She is the face of evil, but since she’s White and Harris is “Black” (actually part East Indian) that would be hard for her to do.

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I just know that before he became president the black community really liked Trump. After 4 years of a constant daily barrage of defamation, the narrative has changed and opinions have changed.
I’m interested to see how beloved Biden is after the media completely refuses to say anything negative about him for four years. He may be a 3 term president if he can live that long.

I’m more with the hypothesis that he’ll be a half-termer, and Harris will be two-and-a-half. Or (much) more.


yes probably

In 1935, the world Communist movement made a fundamental shift in tactics. Before that time, they were violently ‘sectarian’ – attacking Socialists (including physically), setting up their own ‘red’ unions, even co operating with the Nazis in Germany.

The victory of the Nazis in 1933 and the total extermination of the Communists (and all other antiNazis) within a couple of years woke Stalin up. He ordered a radical change in strategy, called ‘the Popular Front’. This meant that Communists were to co operate with the Socialists and with liberals, to oppose fascism.

It was a huge success. The CP expanded rapidly in members, and even more in sympathyzers.

From 1936 onward, although the CPUSA ran its own candidates in some elections, that was just a token effort, to get some free publicity. In practice they supported the Democrats, even penetrating and almost taking over the Democrats in some places.

From that time on, the Communists were staunch supporters of the Democrats – with the exception of 1948, as the Cold War began and the Russians lurched ‘left’ briefly, when the CP supported (and effectively controlled) the Progressive Party.

Now … there was a certain tendency on the Right – the bonehead Right – to say, of liberals: “Ha! You’re supported by Communists. So you must be Communists, or near-Communists.”

This was reinforced by the fact that a lot of things liberals are for, have always been supported by Communists as well, going right back to the Communist Manifesto. [The Manifesto has a number of ‘immediate demands’ at the end. I am sorry to report that so clever are these demonic Marxists, that even the hardest of hard-core conservatives, have been tricked into supporting some of them.]

The fact that Communists supported the Democrats didn’t make the Democrats Communists. [Today, Communist Party leaders are Democratic Party (minor) leaders, precinct chairmen and the like. No Democrat is worried about this.]

The fact that, in the South, hardcore white supremacists supported the Democrats, didn’t make the Democrats white supremacists. … wait, I got that wrong.

What I meant was, the fact that, in the South, hardcore white supremacists WERE Democrats, didn’t make the OTHER Democrats hardcore white supremacists… It just made them people who were quite happy to join with hardcore white supremacists against the evil Republicans.

No doubt they had their reasons … in war you don’t get to choose your allies, etc.

Us, same-same.