The latest PC battle to be fought in DC


WASHINGTON (AP) — Hurtful names and racial stereotypes of all types were discussed and dissected Thursday in a daylong symposium at the Smithsonian, and the Washington Redskins were at the top of the list for nearly all those who spoke.

Unaware of what the presentation was all about, Andre Holland wore his burgundy and gold Redskins hat, ear muffs and key chain to the National Museum of the American Indian. He was on a field trip with his Sports in America class from Anne Arundel Community College.

When the sessions ended, the 20-year-old student had removed the hat and disavowed the nickname of his lifelong favorite NFL team, having been persuaded that it’s as racist as the worst names he might be called as an African-American.

“I really don’t feel right wearing this stuff now,” Holland said. “And now I can’t even say ‘HTTR’ — which is ‘Hail to the Redskins’ — because that’s chanting something racist. I’m going to be a fan of Washington — a ‘Washington football team.’ Not the ‘Washington Redskins.’”

‘Redskins’ deemed racial slur at Washington museum

Another push by academia to destroy the real national pastime.


Wait calling the Redskins is a racial slur against Blacks and not Native Americans…

This is why you should never listen to leftist loons…


I hope there’s more Dr. Benjamin Carson’s in this country.
We’re going to need them. Now, more than ever.


The Redskins were originally named the apparently less offensive “Braves” but when they moved into Fenway they changed their name to Redskins to match the name of the non-offensive Red Sox.


People are so uptight and easily offended anymore, it’s hard to reason how anything gets done.
Including filming a football game.

Want to know what irritated me? This is back when, but women got their panties in a twist over the cheerleaders being flimed. I WANTED to watch the cheerleaders, as I have great interest in the sport.
But due to some idiot hyper-sensitive women, I never got to see it anymore.

This is all part and parcel of the price we pay for jerks who think “self-esteem” can be taught.


I think we should begin a movement that tries to adopt whatever nickname is the most offensive for everything, we can call it the “laugh at the crybabies” movement.

Every time a crybaby Liberal says that a word “offends” him we can keep a tally and whatever receives the most Liberal complaints will win.

As long as people accept responsibility for other peoples perceptions, they deserve to be crushed by Political Correctness. No man is responsible for how another man feels and no man is responsible for adjusting his vocabulary because stupid, immature people stopped mentally and emotionally developing in the 1st grade.


Kudos, RETT. LOL

My votes on, The Menopausal Blondes


I like!