The Law

This is a must read. A great treatise by Fredric Bastiat on where and how laws have gotten out of control. It was topical back in the 1850’s and is even more so today. I know I’m probably slow and I admit I should have read it a long time ago but hey, better late then never. It’s free online at the link below.

Definitely a classic of French liberalism. If you liked The Law, make sure to check out von Humboldt’s The Limits of State Action. It’s a considerably more complicated work, but it’s still very accessible to the layman. It’s also one of the most creative and original arguments for the minimal state.

Government is an perpetuating entity that feeds on creating more laws in order to justify its existence. Frankly if one would check, I believe that a lot of laws proposed have already been addressed and then relegated to the dustbin of history to be ignored when some politician decides he/she needs another law.

I often wonder if when new laws are proposed that some computer bank that has all previous laws and variations should be created so that when this proposed law is formulated that there would be a way to search out to see if its parameters have been addressed in the past.

For instance, new gun laws are being proposed every once in awhile and from what I read what really needs to be done is to enforce gun laws on the books already and not waste time and money parading new ones out that are nothing but puffery from some politician trying to make some hollow point to make them self important.

Add to that laws which are basically against the constitution and are geared to removing people’s rights unjustly for nefarious purposes of those who enact them. Each year it seems more and more laws are proposed to bypass the very concepts of the Constitution. I would like to say it is only democrats but this encompasses both parties.

Thanks, Perkins! Wish I’d gotten here sooner. Any book endorsed by Dr. Walter Williams, is as much endorsement as I need. (And yours, of course. lol)
I’ve given it a start. Will read intermittently.