The left demands that the U.S. put its economy on hold while the China is responsible for 25% of the world’s carbon emissions

Last night the state-run media subjected us to another onslaught of alarmism over the issue of climate change. The lynch pin for this media tirade was a report from the United Nations, which is hardly a credible source on any issue, that the problem is worse than ever. Of course, the news media placed most of the blame on The United States despite the fact that our efforts are among the best in the industrialized world.

In the mean time Communist China is now contributing 25% of the world’s carbon emissions. Acknowledging that, the Chinese are telling us that they are going to start reducing their coal consumption in 2026. That sounds like a plan. China is always talking about biting bullet sometime in the future if they aren’t lying outright about a pressing issue.

This reminds me of the Covid crisis. The disease got its start in China, and they are doing all they can deflect themselves from blame. They have even suggested that it started in the U.S. or in Australia. In the meantime, the Democrats are doing all they can to help the Chinese deny the fact that it escaped from a Chinese laboratory.

So why are the Democrats so determined to cover for Communist China? Perhaps the left leaning folk here could explain why that is.

My position is that it is simply “birds of a feather.” The Democrats are striving to establish the Chinese, one party political system here, and they are loath to admit that one party rule and a police state to enforce it are in any way flawed.

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Notice democrats will never denounce communism publicly. HMM