The Left in 2018: Unhinged (New RNC Video Ad)



Hopefully this will be seen everywhere!:grinning:


Maxipad Watters is my fave.


But don’t use the word “evil” to describe her, or brown will get his shorts twisted.


She’s not evil, she’s malevolent.


Yes, I agree . . . though I believe “malevolent” is a synonym for “evil”.

In any case, her core “quality” (I hesitate to use the word “quality” in the same sentence referring to her) is . . . STUPIDITY. And anyone following her is likewise . . . STUPID.


Can’t disagree BobJam. She actually said that President Trump should appoint an illegal to Kennedy’s seat on the SCOTUS! Of course she probably wasn’t being SERIOUS, but given some of her other silly ideas, maybe she WAS.


What does this say about the people of Compton and East LA? (Rhetorical question).


She is an embarrassment to America. When you consider how Compton and East LA are infested with various violent gangs (not the least of which is MS13), political corruption, drugs, and violence, it’s no surprise that she belches these ridiculous babblings. Anyone with an IQ of 3 knows it’s just nonsense. It’s no surprise either how she’s been elected and re-elected all these years and how she’s become a millionaire…


Yes, malevolent is a synonym of evil. That’s why I used it. :smiling_imp:


You’re right about that.

My guess is that sane people recognize she is a lunatic. However, if she’s recognized as the face of the Democratic party . . . the “new” party taken over by the lunatic fringe far left . . . that’s a good thing for conservatives.

So, the more she comes out with her nonsense, the better for us.

A sane Democratic party would actively disavow her. I don’t see that. That’s fine with me. Here’s hoping she continues her lunatic behavior.


True, but I think Maxipad is way ahead of her in diarrhea of the mouth. Maxi’s mouth spews absolute absurdities whereas the Beest’s mouth is pure hatred.


Very good video. One criticism: I would have omitted that Kathy Griffin shot. EVERYONE already knows she is a publicity hungry pig; no need to scare American toddlers.