The Left-Wing media blames Trump for 100.000 deaths

Yes, folks. The left-wing marxist media has declared that Trump is responsible for 100,000 lives lost due to the COVID-19. Of course, all the dems know that. Next he’ll be accused of starting teenage acne.

I watch ABC News everyday. They have been looking forward to this “milestone” for several nights and celebrated the event last night. Tonight they mentioned it four times in their newscast, even when it had nothing to do with what they were reporting.

When they reported the pandemic in Brazil, they twice mentioned that Brazil was second only to the U.S. in cases and deaths.

On another blog there was a socialist ghoul who posted charts and graphs showing that the U.S. was leading the world in cases and deaths. He was positively giddy about. I called him on it, and a couple liberals actually agreed. This guy would shout, “Trump sucks” in the middle of a funeral.

And these people think they have the moral supremacy over conservatives to make these kinds of ludicrous proclamations!!