The Left's 'Believe all women' hypocrisy

Behar said she was troubled by Lauer’s column but at the same time, we couldn’t just believe people like Tara Reade “because she’s a woman”:

On the other hand, there’s another issue, like, we’re in the middle of this Tara Reade accusing Biden of sexual assault. Are we supposed to believe her just because she’s a woman? To me, if you say, I believe any woman who makes any accusation – if you say that, I think it minimizes our credibility as women, and then nobody’s going to believe anybody at some point. So these things have to be thoroughly investigated, thoroughly vetted. I would like to have all 24 of the women who were accusing Trump of sexual assault be vetted and let’s hear from them also. Let us hear from them. We heard from Tara. Let’s hear from them. We heard from Matt now. Let’s hear from the woman again. I mean, everybody has to have a voice in this. I feel as though it can be used as a political cudgel against a political rival. And that I think is dangerous.

That’s when McCain reminded Behar what the left said about Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh:

Kind of like with Brett Kavanaugh? I’m just saying. You hear a lot of women saying, I believe all women, but were singing an entirely different tune after Kavanaugh… but I just think its interesting that we believe all women now and we didn’t believe—It’s an entirely different tune earlier this year [sic] in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

Ever since the “Feminazi Movement” back in the 60’s and 70’s, the standards for women vs. men has been skewed. Look at Roe v. Wade for example. Women seeking abortions have 100% of the decision making. Men, even husbands, have absolutely no say so in whether or not their child is murdered in an abortion mill. Even going so far as to bring it to court, men have been denied their parental rights. The courts have consistently ruled in favor of the women because “It’s their body. Not the man’s.” Now, especially in today’s technology, everyone who has an IQ of 50 knows that the baby is neither part of the woman’s body or the father’s. The baby is independent except for nourishment within the womb of the mother. But, still the “law” sides with the female.

The ‘left’ is the epitome of hypocrisy. Yet so many believe them, and that is tragic. By the next generation, the 1984 scenario will be in force.

If it’s a liberal woman targeting a conservative, she is absolutely believable. If it is ANY woman with an allegation directed toward a liberal, she is probably a kook, a slut, a liar or mentally ill. Those characterizations may be applied wherever they are appropriate.

They still think Kavanaugh did it, but they can’t be troubled to do anything but defend their guy. They never threw a fit over Clinton. They just got mad it came up at all. Democrats suck.

to be fair…the ones making the charges against either side are liberals.

I don’t know that here are very many real “theys” among the Democrat leadership. The smart ones know that the Kavanaugh thing was a lie just like they know that the Russian collusion story was a lie. “The cattle” are the people who believe these stories and there are lots of dumb Democrat cows out there. They moo and bellow here and on other political sites.

The Democrats can’t debate the real issues because they know that their socialist program is too hard to sell.

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That’s why they have to have their activist judges and they media whores lying for them.

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