The List: Republican Senators Demanding Trump End Border Enforcement



I guess it’s also “inhumane” to imprison criminals who are U.S. Citizens as well if they have children? I guess these Republicans want every prisoner who is a parent released at once?
Or maybe they want the criminals children locked up with their parent?

I suppose they have to assemble a focus group to determine which solution is the “humane” choice.

What a bunch of cowardly morons.


You can’t criminalize everyday human behavior, anymore then you could realistically start throwing people in jail for making food with trans fats (not that we haven’t tried).

We’ve had regular migrant workers from the South for over a century; it’s older than the current law.

The law, is a johnny-come-lately, that had no understanding of what it was managing. It’s had close to 50 years to figure it out, and it still gets it wrong.

At that point, the people breaking it aren’t responsible. It’s the people crafting the law, who clearly, to the shock of no one, don’t know what they’re doing.

If the Federal Government is this bad at handling the issue, it should simply devolve it back to the States, who historically have handled this far better.


McCain and Collins; why am I not surprised…


I wrote a response, but before I do, can someone define what it takes to meet the following criteria?

"a completely open border"

So, for example, if a person were processed and forced to wear a GPS monitor until they showed up for their hearing…Does that fit under the definition of “a completely open border”?


Just curious, do you think that everyone that comes across the border should be separated from their children and everyone incarcerated until it’s time for their hearing?

Pushing it down to the states isn’t a solution, it just changes who is responsible. What do you think the states might do better than the Federal Government, any examples?


Regardless of how you feel about the issue of removing children from parents, do any of you acknowledge that the government didn’t have a system for reuniting these kids with their parents? No ID bracelets, no documentation (or so we’re told).

If it’s true, these kids have been scattered from Seattle to Harlem…Does anyone, besides me, see a problem with this, or do we just hand wave it away and blame the parents for coming across the boarder illegally?



Setting aside the accuracy or the lack of in the image, your contention is that Republican Senators want to help facilitate illegal immigrant voters such that it will benifits the Democrats…

It’s really hard to to take you serioisly when you post stuff like this…

Anyone else want to try and define “open boarders” used in the context of the letter put forth by Republicans?


Ahhhhahahahaha. You said it!


The Republican “open borders” crowd lie more often than most politicians, Republican and Democrat. The truth is that they are owned by K Street lobbyists representing special interests, agricultural and big business, who desire as many illegals as possible and more worker visas to suppress American wages. The reasons are different but they want the same result as the left.

I don’t reside in a district or state represented by these open-border-Republicans but if I did I would vote for their democrat opponent. They are worthless and create the illusion that the GOP controls the House ans Senate.




I give up…


It changes the number of approaches taken, and gives us contrast. It allows us to see what works and what doesn’t. That’s the value of States-as-social laboratories.



Old Dog, this is a lie, immigrants boost wages. We’ve known this for years.

You haven’t hacked economics and found out how fixed pie is “true”, you’re just not looking long term.

If you keep claiming this, you’re just exposing that you are not out for truth, anymore than the people you accuse.

Nope, the left doesn’t care about fixing the law; they want it as an open sore they can take advantage of.

I want a fix, that addresses the problem. That being, there aren’t enough legal immigrants to meet demand, and the immigration system is opaque, hard to use, and drags its feet.

There’s no reason for the system to be that way; and you can’t give me a single reason for why it should be. It’s simply bad governance that encourages dysfunction.


Yes, because those with ankle monitors aren’t restricted as to WHERE in the U.S. they may go and, once out of range of the “monitors” they simply cut or pry them off and effectively disappear.


Over 67,000+ AMERICANS have been killed by illegal immigrants since 9/11, AS. THAT alone is reason to STOP them from entering the country and kick them OUT of the country when caught…at a minimum.


When I find a source, I’ll append it here, but I’ve heard that 96%-99.6% of people with ankle monitors show up to their immigration hearing.

Under the Intensive Supervision Appearance Program, for example, which used “electronic ankle monitors, telephone checkups that used biometric voice recognition software, unannounced home visits, employer verification, and in-person reporting to supervise participants,” 99.6 percent of the immigrants showed up for their hearings.

Here are some sources:

Out of range? How do you go out of range of a GPS device? They cover the entire planet.

GPS systems cost a little more than $5 a day vs $130 for incarceration.

Incarceration should be used where it’s necessary.

The other thing I like about GPS devices is that it becomes a litmus test. If the immigrant wears it and shows up, as most do, it says a lot about their intentions and their respect for our laws despite the fact they broke the law entering the US. If they really didn’t care about the law they would simply tear off the bracelets and hide.

There is another more sinister advantage of GPS bracelets. If every illegal that was released in the population were to wear one, those illegals without bracelets would find it harder to move around and find shelter in the illegal community as GPS would give away places where illegals live, work and congregate.

And, if you’re really worried about illegals voting, well, you could color code the bracelets to indicate illegal status. This would be a pretty visible indication of their work status and the fact that they can’t vote.

Seems a pretty damn good solution to the problem to me.

67,000 Americans? That’s about 3,900 per year over 17 years. Now to put that into perspective we need to know how many people are considered to have committed those crimes to deduce a per-capita rate. Also, I suspect that reasonably few, probably less than 10%, of illegals committed 90% of those murders (but that’s just a guess).

Do you have any stats on the per-capita murder rate of illegals vs US citizens? Do you know what percentage of the illegal community have committed those crimes?

Do you think GPS monitors would reduce crimes of illegals?


I don’t know from where you pull this BS, CSB, but it’s nonsense. These were PILOT programs that are no longer in practice because THEY WERE INEFFECTIVE! When you strap ankle monitors on 100 people and 95 of them show up for short-term “hearings” that’s not “proof” of anything. GPS is not “planet-wide” when you “monitor” them from a single location in South Texas. To avoid them, you merely have to wander outside of the “monitoring” radius. We KNOW that 80% of those allowed to go free under “catch and release” simply REFUSE to show up for subsequent hearings and effectively “disappear” into Hispanic “communities” in our larger cities.

The mother of that little girl shown on the cover of “Time” magazine was a FELON…which nobody mentions. She’d ALREADY been caught as an illegal and sent home. The SECOND time one sneaks into the country IS, by law, a FELONY.


No, that’s ridiculous Dave. You need to check your facts better.

A person murdered by an immigrant, is not more tragic than a person being murdered by a native.

Just like how being murdered by a terrorist isn’t more tragic than getting murdered by a gang-banger.