The List: Republican Senators Demanding Trump End Border Enforcement


And Dave I have to call you on your bull here.

We should give Nicaraguan immigrants the same treatment as the Cubans.

You don’t have a reason not to. A socialist country is a socialist country.


Nicaragua is now a totally DISFUNCTIONAL nation…pretty much just like Syria or Somalia.


Because socialism; just to try to tell me socialism hasn’t created the dysfunction Venezuela is seeing.

The very fact you’re playing semantics like this, tells me that you already admit the truth.

Our immigration is currently arbitrary, and should instead be offering the same access.


And Leslie Van Houten was Homecoming Queen before she was a cold blooded serial murderer.


Cause & effect; you can’t take the law’s role out of this.

We had compliance, until the law changed and ruined it. Where’s the accountability?

Again, if we were talking about guns or transfats, we’d blame the law more than the lawbreaker.


How do you get a bad law changed?


“Same access???” What in the Hell are you blabbering about? Now we have to allow everyone, regardless of qualifications, talents, education, philosophy “equal access” to the United States??? Are you insane?


It’s precisely what we did for the Cubans, and the Vietnmese, and they worked out. We weren’t scrutinizing their work skills, only their criminal history.

Why wouldn’t Nicaraguans or Venezuelans work out for us the same way? You don’t have any valid reasons.

You can’t tell me this approach doesn’t work, when we’ve done it, and it did.


By talking up, and passing around the fact that Barry Goldwater had a different plan in the 80’s, and that it would have worked. Talk up the reality enough, the politicians will take it up.

People are currently, only seeing this as either amnesty or border enforcement. The issue has to instead be framed on the system, which is knowingly dysfunctional.


Nonsense. The Cubans AND the Vietnamese came here by INVITATION and LEGALLY. Plus, they didn’t immediately go on the public dole, administered by a bunch of lefties who convinced them that it was their “right.”


Not everyone, just those who will likely vote for extreme Leftist political candidates and raise their children on the dole so they will do the same.


The answer, of course, is that they “produce” no such thing.


Again RET, you keep claiming this, but Cubans, Vietnamese and Former eastern bloc don’t do this.

Have you seen the culture in the Ukraine today? They are benefit obsessed. Even the rebels in the east can’t understand why the Government they’re rebelling against is cutting them off. The entitlement is that entrenched in their psyche.

And yet Ukrainians here in America don’t act this way, and vote Republican.

Something isn’t adding up here RET. Something about how human beings work, isn’t doing what you claim it does.

I’ll give you a hint, Jordan Peterson knows what’s up. Human nature itself is involved here, and it adequately explains why a legal immigrant votes the way they do.


Yes they do; a worker on a farm is producing economic output. You can’t deny that Dave, it’s self-evident.

If they produced no output, the farmer wouldn’t hire them.


BS on a shingle.


Dr. Mike, AS consistently lumps all immigrants together, legal or illegal.


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“The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.”

― Abraham Lincoln


NOTHING should be done to change immigration laws unless and until THE BORDER IS SECURED…period. Once that’s done, we’d be happy to talk about reinstitution the Bracero program or some sub-set thereof. Until the border is secure, ANY changes will only encourage more and more illegals to flood into the country.


Absolutely!!! We’ve been lied to several times in the past about amnesty and reforms. Nevermore. The Wall comes first.


The best evidence that there is absolutely no intention of accomplishing anything but building a Leftist voting bloc through immigration is the absolute refusal to secure the border FIRST.

Every politician and every advocate for “Immigration Reform” knows full well that if they would secure the border the willingness to address the rest of the issue would be there, but if the border is secure they don’t get the Leftist invasion which is all they are really concerned with; so they refuse to secure the border.

All of their ridiculous claims are just intellectually insulting propaganda.