The List: Republican Senators Demanding Trump End Border Enforcement


Uh huh. One word: subsidies. One way or another, we’re all paying far more than the grocery store price for food.

Also, don’t ask me for any sympathy for Con-Agra, ADM, or Monsanto, the only agribusiness’ capable of sustaining those kinds of losses. They OWN the government, and the “small family farm” has been reduced to being their vassals. The current immigration situation was built, by design, to benefit them with illegal labor.

You want “Bracero”? Fine, but I get border enforcement FIRST, because I have been lied to too many time about how it would come after. Spoiler, it NEVER comes after. ITS A LIE.


Yes it is; they can’t compete with overseas competition, so they pull the crop.

It’s right there Dave, you can’t argue with the result. Turkey is overtaking us in growing crops that California used to dominate. You can’t argue with reality.

The pretense the farmer is making a mistake is mind boggling; you don’t work in this Industry Dave, and you don’t pay attention to it. Things you don’t know about, happen.


Wrong people; neither Strawberries nor grape/raisin farmers get them. They were the focus in both those articles.

Until just a few years ago, raisin farmers had a mandatory portion of their crops confiscated by the USDA, with no compensation offered.

Pretty much the opposite of a subsidy.

You can’t change the fact that you’re fighting an economy, you have to satiate demand first. Again, Joseph Swing understood this.

Swing got illegal immigration under control, lowered it by 95%. His is the only policy in our modern history that has worked to combat this problem.

If you don’t get the farmers and other employers on board, you won’t get the result you want. That’s the reality.
You need their cooperation. You can’t get that through force. It’s too many people spread across too many miles.

Keep in mind qixlqatl, they’ve also been lied to, promised a system that would be attentive to their needs, and never getting it.




The only ones who want this in the U.S. are desperate Leftists who fear they have lost the support of legal citizens for good, importing a voter base that will remain impoverished and dependent on government welfare is the only hope the Leftists have for regaining power.

They couldn’t care less about the cost that the citizens will pay on every front as a consequence, they crave power and will do anything to get it.


It’s not; the immigration system was broken first.

You can’t have border control until you satiate labor demand. You can’t fight the economy, and expect to win.

Again, Joseph Swing acknowledged this, and he’s the only INS director in history to get illegal immigration under control.

Why are you trying to reinvent the wheel? Why don’t we just try the solution we already know works?


RET, you’re inconsistent as to how humans operate.

You say foreigners will support our military campaigns overseas because they secretly want freedom.

Yet you say foreigners who come here will uniformly turn down freedom in return for benefits. As if Dictators abroad never think to do this…

We’ve had experience opening our doors to the Cubans, the Vietnamese, the Eastern bloc, and others.

The result was a resounding success for our side. Something which you’ve never offered an explanation for

I’m starting to think that you don’t have one.


I REALLY wish that you’d stop with that nonsense about “crops not being harvested” as your primary impetus for wanting open borders, AS. It’s BS and you know it. Coincidentally, it is the EXACT SAME claims that the slave owners made for keeping slavery in the 1860’s…“Who’ll pick our cotton?”


No, I want the Goldwater Plan in place. Quit making crap up.

It’s a real problem; crops are going overseas, because we can’t grow them cost effectively here.

Time to own up Dave; you didn’t know about this, because you weren’t paying attention.

All of your pontificating, and yet, you did not know what it was farmers were facing. Their problems are real, you can’t deny it anymore.


BS. I’ve spent my last 30 work years dealing DIRECTLY with farmers and ranchers all over the country. YOU don’t know what you’re talking about here. In order to be successful at what I did, I had to sit and listen to these guys for hours on end and not ONCE did they complain that they were on the verge of going belly-up because they “can’t find anyone to work for them except illegal aliens.”


Debunked: Dave, here’s a statement by a growers association from over 10 years ago demanding immigration reform:

Without guest workers willing to come to work in the U.S., America’s crops will go unharvested and livestock untended. Without these vital workers, the affordable and plentiful foods that America’s consumers want and need will be in jeopardy, as will the livelihood of farmers and ranchers who rely upon guest workers.

We urge Congress to follow the president’s lead and include a temporary worker program in any immigration reform legislation that is passed.”

“Farm Bureau’s praise wasn’t completely lavish. The California Farm Bureau reports a growing labor shortage that is putting the $2.5 billion Imperial Valley vegetable crop at risk, with harvest a month away.”

“To blame, according to the organization, a broken immigration system that includes increased border enforcement, no viable guest worker program and increased hassles for those trying to cross the border legally. California produces about 90 percent of the nation’s fresh winter produce.”

You didn’t hear about how crucial labor was, either because you didn’t pay attention, or you didn’t bother asking where the workers they had came from.

Now the Mexican presence is falling; partly because our economy stuttered, but also partly because their own demographics are far below replacement, and they don’t have the excess people they use to.

Which means labor shortages for us, and crops left rotting in the fields. Cause & effect.


Nonsense…again. The imperial valley is NOT the only farming area in the country. If THOSE conglomerates are having trouble finding stoop laborers, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the country is having trouble finding help. California’s economy DEMANDS that their employers pay much more than what the rest of the country would consider a “living wage.” They refuse to do so. The reason why is irrelevant. Even today there are workers making six figures who can’t afford to buy a home or even pay RENT so live out of their cars.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d have no serious objections to a “guest worker” system IF we could be assured that they wouldn’t just wander away from their jobs and melt into the illegal Hispanic communities that have sprung up everywhere. Unfortunately, there’s no certain way to assure that won’t happen…as it’s happened for decades now.


Oh… you want to hear from others? OKAY:

There’s the CEO of the Western Growers Association:

The North Carolina growers Association:

The American Farm Bureau Federation:

The California Fresh Fruit Association:

Growing Georgia:

Know what they’re saying Dave?

If you guessed “We either import labor, or we import food”, you’d be right.

And Guess what Dave? We already import most of our fruit.

So let me ask you Dave, which part of our produce do you want America to be net importers of next?


We’ve given that repeatedly, still no border control. So until the border is controlled, pound sand. NOT getting burned again.


Join the club, Farmers have been fed lies even longer than you have. They have not gotten what they asked for.

Their problem was created first, and that deserves an answer.

Quit asking to make this an uphill battle, and bring them onboard. Nothing will work without them.


It’s mostly CORPORATE “farmers” who’ve been demanding access to cheap labor…meaning, migrant laborers. They used the Okies fleeing the Dust Bowl in the very same way they’re today using illegals from Mexico and Central America.


Illegals do not come here for farm jobs, this is a lie.

Many Farmers want a slave labor force that is subsidized by the taxpayers, that is not news and what these Farmers want is irrelevant in the debate.

Misdirection and false premises are the only consistent arguments used by the Left because they refuse to admit their only actual motivation; building an insurmountable Leftist voting bloc nationwide like they did in California.


They are pretty well dominating the skilled trades here in Georgia.


In California this is the case as well, as soon as the fear of getting caught was removed they abandoned the idea of farm work and entered the same trades that they worked in their home Countries; under the table and tax free of course so they can collect full Welfare benefits on top of their earnings.


They’re the single largest industry employing illegals; over 70% of their workforce is exactly this.

They started the trend; everything else grew out from them. And yes, you’ll have to give other employers the same deal to get border enforcement.

Their labors needs aren’t going away, and they can’t put their business, their livelihoods on hold, until you feel “secure” about how the border is doing.

As people keep showing up at their doorstep, they’ll keep hiring them, because they need to.

Ergo, you won’t have security, until you get them on board with whatever your policy is.