The List: Republican Senators Demanding Trump End Border Enforcement


“70 percent of their workforce” is not the same as saying “70 percent of illegals” and no farmer catalogues the citizenship status of all those working on his farm and submits the results of that effort to the government.

Illegals are not flooding to this country for farm jobs, that is a Leftist lie.


It means they’re dependent upon the labor, and unless you address them, they will keep re-growing the problem.

They’re the largest employers, they originated how illegals found themselves into other labor markets in the country, and the farmers need the I-100 or something like it back. This can’t be denied, because the need for labor is clearly real.

This claim of yours is obfuscation. The point was that farmers need a new visa program, and will undercut the law until you make it happen. The same to other employers, and FTR, I said “others” several times.

Until you get them on board, they will continue to undercut the law. Their cooperation, is a pre-condition to making the policy work, whatever it is.

If you leave them out in the cold, the law will continue to be ignored. They can’t wait for you. The economy stops for no one.


Farms are not even close to being the largest employer of illegal immigrants, they are not coming here for farm jobs; that is a Leftist lie.


Check again:


Didn’t you even NOTICE that the majority are employed in THREE different and distinctly separate occupations? Farming, FISHING and FORESTRY.


Ever notice Forestry businesses use the same Visa? The Agricultural visa, the H-2A?

That’s why they’re grouped together. Same to fish farms and some fisheries (other will be the H-2B), because they’re treated the same as ranches.

Heck, here’s an official definition from our Government:

The Agriculture sectors comprise establishments primarily engaged in growing crops, raising animals, and harvesting fish and other animals from a farm, ranch, or their natural habitats.


Citing a chart that tracks “immigrants” to support a lie told about “illegal immigrants” is… Well, expected at this point I guess.


I’ve always wondered where the people who claim “undocumented immigrants are (insert talking point) and I have the DATA to prove it” get their information. There is no data; that’s what “undocumented” means. There’s wild @$$ guesses, unsupported speculation, and politically motivated double-talk, but very little verifiable data.


Quit obfuscating RET.

Labor demand is real, the necessity of it is real. You can’t have border enforcement, without satiating demand, that’s the simple reality.

Jospeh Swing proved this approach works, so why on earth you’re trying to reinvent the wheel to get compliance is beyond me.


Demography. There’s a range, but it’s not a “wild guess”, because as I told Dave, we can measure consumption.

Through that, we know how many people there are.

Illegals aren’t dwarves on Spartan diets; they leave a footprint comparable to the rest of us, that we can see & measure.


Hi, Pot; he’s Kettle…


Illegals are NOT flooding our border for farm jobs, that is a lie from the Left to mask their true reasons for supporting an open border.


And it was just as stupid an argument THEN as you’re trying now. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY to measure “consumption” by illegals as opposed to those here legally or citizens. Certainly there is no MOTIVATION for anyone to do any such thing other than further obfuscate the COSTS citizens incur from illegals invading our nation.


In a country as profligate as this one? The range would be so wide as to be meaningless.


FC, quit axe grinding. Either make clear what you want, or go away.


Farmers are hiring illegals for want of labor. You’re not addressing this RET, you just sidestep the fact entirely.

The need for this labor is clear, as is the historical cause. You can’t fix the issue without acknowledging this.


Demographers do this all the time; this isn’t controversial, this isn’t new, we know what consumption by 10 million look like, so when we instead see, say, 12 million in area where there should be 10, we know there’s illegals about.

They leave a footprint, and we can measure it, just like we measure the population in general.

Unless you’re suggesting our own population could be more than double the advertised figure, you actually do have some faith that their methods work.


BS. What “Demographer” goes around and checks the sales from every little bodega in LA? The answer, of course, is that THEY DON’T. And don’t now claim that they go by sales taxes paid because EVERYONE knows those are routinely fudged numbers. In ANY cash business, how can you know if they sold 10 tacos or 100? You can’t know by how many pounds of corn meal the owner buys because HE pays cash, too. If you own a bar where everyone pays cash, how can you know how many customers are served? Bar owners routinely water drinks, they serve “jiggers” that are really “shots,” and they serve “12-ounce draft beer” that’s actually 10 ounces.


Bark at the moon. You’ve got hypocritical lumber aplenty in your own eye. I find it interesting that you’ll make concessions on a few minor points, but on the whole, you just can’t stand to be seen as wrong, regardless of the facts. It’s obvious to most of the rest of us. Too bad it’s not to you; then you might be motivated to do something about it.


They apparently do more than you realize:

You’re not going to win an argument by sidelining an entire profession, which includes, I might add, people who work at USCIS, for. this. reason. Believing they measure this, takes no more a “leap of faith” than believing we know how big generations are, or what the birth rate is.