The List: Republican Senators Demanding Trump End Border Enforcement


Don’t care, just quit whining. If you’re going “stand by” what you said, then you lose any right to complain here.

Again, act like a 9/11 truther, I’m going to treat you like one.


And those warplanes “might” be needed to attack WHO in Southern Europe? That’s a BS answer and you know it.


The F-15s were stationed in Djibouti; that’s in Africa. Their responsibility is likely the African interior, and parts of the Arab peninsula.


So those F-15’s in Sicily were immaterial???


Aviano is not in Sicily, it’s in NE Italy — and no, the F-16’s range is very short, and those planes weren’t armed. They were in a training configuration when the call came in.

Dave, you’ve kept getting basic details on this wrong. You’re not engaging this seriously.

You want to blame someone, I get it; but you’re barking up the wrong tree. It’s the State department and the CIA who made the bad call. In the months leading up to the attack, AFRICOM took notice that the embassy appeared vulnerable, and offered to place assets closer by, twice to keep it safe. The former two said no.

So they didn’t.


When have I blamed the military for that debacle? Never. I have ALWAYS blamed those who made the decision to stand-down the military. We HAD fighters available in Sicily. A close friend who was a DOD Civilian was STATIONED there at the time and has confirmed it to my satisfaction.


No, fighters are not stationed there. That isn’t even an air force base, it’s a naval station, used as a logistic base for transport aircraft.

There are only two foreign bases where we station F/A-18s outside the U.S., and they’re both in Japan.

It doesn’t make sense for fighters to be there, so this story doesn’t check out.


BS. My friend was a Department of the Air Force civilian employee…a GS-15, in fact. I still have a small statuette of a Sycilian woodsman that he gave me when he returned to the U.S., purchased within sight of Mt. Etna!

  1. I don’t trust you know what planes he was talking about.

  2. You’re giving no indication of Era, and that makes a difference.

  3. The navy isn’t lying about its own air base and they don’t have fighter squadrons to station there to begin with.

If it’s not on a carrier, then it’s a Marine squadron, and the Marines have only one overseas base.

Dave, I’m going to make a very logical line in the sand: If you can’t point to me the squadron that is supposed to be stationed there, then you admit that this isn’t reality.


You can kiss my… I don’t owe you ANYTHING. Regardless of how many stupid “lines in the sand” you choose to draw. My friend was stationed within sight of Mt. Etna for 2 years during the second decade of the 21st Century. He was (still is) a Department of the Air Force civilian employee. Why would he be stationed in Sicily for 2 years if there was no USAF base there? And NO, he was not involved with radar in any fashion. He was involved in procurements.


Cross-branch deployments happen. My father who was in the Army was stationed on an Air Force base. My Air Force cousin has done liaison work for both the Navy and Marines.

The only Air Force base in Italy, is Aviano, and that’s not Sicily.