The Lives of 9 Repatriated North Korea Defectors are most Worried


[QUOTE=Eastlamp;596085]What a lamentable news! It was reported that nine North Korean young defectors had been forcibly repatriated to their country via China after being captured in Laos.

It made me very sad. The teenage NK refugees are only around my age. They must had been very starved and severely treated in North Korea, I guess. Therefore they should have decided to flee toward outside world from North Korea. Their destination might have been South Korea.

Then Laos authorities captured and handed them to North Korean embassy. “The report said the defectors, aged between 15 and 23, fled to Laos through China last month and were caught by Laotian authorities earlier this month. Laos sent the defectors to China on Monday, weeks after a Laotian delegation visited the North Korean capital.”

Activists say that defectors who are returned to North Korea can be punished or even killed by the regime. As you know, North Korea is considered one of the world’s most repressive and brutal country in the world. So I am very concerned about their fate. I sleft fitfully last night. It is unimaginable and should not have happened at all. The inhumane trade beteen North Korea and Laos authorities got a fit of my anger.

Oh, my goodness! What could we do to save their lives right now?[/QUOTE]


Very sad and troubling news.