The Makeup Of Today's Democrat Party


I’ll be right to the point:

Looking back over the many Democrat Party’s actions and those of it’s supporter’s since 2016, it is painfully obvious the party, as currently constituted, is made up of subversives and/or idiots and/or the clinically insane.

The democrats latest action - Their assault on centuries of Western jurisprudence - namely, the rule of law and due process, punctuated by proscribing that one is guilty until proven innocent when it fits their political objective - has stripped away any pretext these people embrace the democratic principles/foundation upon which our nation and our freedoms are based.

IMHO - The existential threat to our nation, our founding principles, our values and our institutions does not come from outside our borders. On the contrary, for the past 22 days we have been glued to our TV sets watching to continual outbursts and verbal confrontations by those who represent the real threat.

Sadly, given the stranglehold the Left has on two of our most basic institutions - education and media - the full frontal assault by the zealots and crazies directed toward the nation’s foundational principles will no doubt continue far into the future.


As you’ve said yourself, “elections have consequences”. Something the Dems have learned (although ignored in frustration and hate for Trump).


Yes, objectify an entire group of people. It makes it much easier to commit violence against them and mistreat them when you slap a label like “clinically insane” and “subversives” on a group that represents at least 25% of the nation.

Am I saying that you would commit violence? No, you are just setting the groundwork for those that will follow as we ride the slippery slope to the worst in our history.

This is how it begins folks.

And for what it’s worth, I say the same things to Democrats and Progressives that do the same.


Looking back over the many Democrat Party’s actions and those of it’s supporter’s since 2016, it is painfully obvious the party, as currently constituted, contains a small but vocal group of subversives and/or idiots and/or the clinically insane.

In this small but vocal group I would include true believers in socialism/communism and paid agitators. We are viewing them through the magnifying glass of the media. There are some in the party leaders and elected officials but the majority of those give lip service to the radicals out of fear. Fear of retribution in primary races, fear of hundreds of screaming animals at their townhall meetings and in their front yards.

I am not minimizing the danger of these radical zombies. They must be defeated. I am also not giving a pass to mainstream democrats who have not stood up to this crowd. They have, and are continuing, to allow this poison to spread.

Labeling all liberals and all democrats as the spawn of Satan isn’t true and certainly isn’t productive. Joe 6-pack democrat voter and civilized patriotic liberals don’t like being labeled as as subversives, communists etc. any more than Republicans like being labeled racists, sexist homophobes.


And yet, I haven’t met a rational Democrat voter in several years now. Most of them are raving lunatics, with very few exceptions, who believe Obama was the new Messiah and Bill Clinton was wrongly accused and Hillary Clinton is just misunderstood.


My take is that he’s talking about the party itself; as in the DNC, not the voters. Not that the RNC is any prize, either.


IMHO - Any individual who acts/advocates that it is OK to ignore due process, the rule of law and innocent until proven guilty - foundational values upon which our nation is based - is acting contrary to the Constitution and our Bill Of Rights.- as such they are serving as subversives to the principles upon which our nation was founded.

Again, in my opinion - anyone who believes it OK/advocates the overthrow of hundreds of years of Western jurisprudence in order to serve one’s partisan political ends is not only dangerous, but ignorant as well.

These unprincipled individuals and mobs, as we have witnessed for some time now, are political by-products of the Left and supported by the Democrat Party. Example: A man nominated to the SCOTUS, at the last possible moment in the process, was accused of rape and assumed guilty and unfit by the Left (all but one Dem Senator) WITHOUT evidence/corroboration. BTW, that lone Democrat Senator, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, would no doubt have voted against seating the accused except for the fact he is up for reelection in a decidedly RED state.

Turning ones back on due process, the rule of law and the presumption of evidence, CLEARLY has been embraced by mainstream Democrats and their loud, often out of control/confrontive/combative, mobs intent on intimidation.

In addition, let me be clear - while the “street zombies” of the Left publicly raising hell are relatively small in number - those Democrat politicians who openly condemn these “confrontive street zombies” bent on intimidation are virtually non-existent, What does exist are Senate Democrats, by virtue of their votes, who universally stand in opposition to due process and the rule of law.

Those who think I should sugar coat what took place over the 22 days in which the Democrat’s “hide-and-seek” last minute accusation roll out and subsequent cry for judging Kavanaugh unfit in the face of no evidence/no corroboration, or that I should be nicer in my approach to calling this BS for what it is - well, think again!!

csbrown, if you choose to not call these people and their party out for who and what they are and their “ends justify the means” subversive actions, both physical and verbal, you go right ahead.