The Manifesto of the El Paso Shooter


Basically what I see is someone who views jobs and opportunity as finite, and believes migrants take them from us.

He (as he states) believes immigrants take the low skilled jobs, then their children take the high skilled ones, leaving fewer of both for Americans.

This, to me, epitomizes why economic literacy is critical. When people think that ordinary, everyday things have become a zero-sum game, they begin to rationalize thoughts that are selfish and cruel to wide extremes.

If only he had read Thomas Sowell first… if only these exaggerations of the future were checked by cooler heads. Then maybe we would get less of these wackjobs at the fringe killing people.


I haven’t kept up with the news today, so I’m short on specifics about this. But i have been expecting it. The only surprise is that it took so long. It is the natural (for lack of a better term) result of unrestrained illegal immigration. It will get worse.


It’s because we’ve had migration for so long (literally decades) without this sort of reaction, that we know it isn’t the cause. It’s something more recent.

Something that deliberately made people think we’re in a zero-sum game.

Demographic aging is apart of it; he hits hard on the fact that the baby boomers are “dying”.


Try to understand that for a significant number of Americans, it has become a negative sum game. Immigration is not the entirety of the cause, but it does contribute, and immigrants are easy to single out because they are “other”. People need someone to blame when events beyond their control negatively impact their lives. That’s a fairly basic bit of human psychology. A blind man could see this coming, but if you say “I foresee violence against immigrants” as a conservative, you will be accused of fomenting the violence you are trying to warn against.

I haven’t read his manifesto, and I’m not gonna. Let it fuel the flames of his personal hell.

Somebody was gonna lash out. There will be more. Their rationale is basically irrelevant. You have millions of people already on the economic margins, struggling, wondering how or if they’re going to make it, and here comes a flood of immigrants likely to further marginalize them. What do you say to them? Your answer is “Learn to code”, but not everybody effected can do that. Are your rose colored immigration glasses really that thick, or is it just your skull?


Because economic illiteracy and scapegoating is rampant, yes. And people are poor at visualizing things long term.

But I’m not buying that immigrants caused this situation, because again, been around for decades. We were arguing about this problem 40 years ago.

Something new was added to get us to this point.

Cool, then let’s tell them what is actually going on.

Automation is not “destroying work forever”. That’s false.

We didn’t see growth in rural and downtown urban areas because of bad regulations, and poor education. And even just outright corruption on the part of certain political leadership.

Government is to blame, so saying you’ll get a better result by adding more Government in, with bigger infrastructure and bigger agencies, will not get you what you want. It will not build a future worth living.

I’m aware that this is scapegoating.

I just stand against it, because that’s the right thing to do. Solving the original problem that set all of these events in motion is more important.

It’s not, because truckers are not in any danger. Andrew Yang is wrong on that one.

My answer is " they’ll create jobs for your *** . If that’s important to you, quit punching the Golden goose.".

That’s what I get to ask you.

You treat previous waves as being ideal, and having not exhibited anything you associate with “not accepting assimilation.”

My point is yes, assimilation is going on, nothing we see today is new.

It’s business as usual; you don’t realize that, because you’re still visualizing the rose-tinted version of history.


Previous waves of immigrants fairly easily assimilated. Since 1965, immigrants have steadfastly REFUSED to do so. Go to any barrio in any city. You’ll see Mexican and Central American flags in profusion and billboards written entirely in Spanish. Walk down the street and you’ll seldom hear a single English word spoken. This is even the case in parts of Miami with large enclaves of ex-Cuban refugees. Even in Little Italy in NYC this was the case only for a few years after the early 20th Century influx of Italian immigrants and was almost NEVER the case with the Irish immigration in the 19th Century. Walmart has “neighborhood groceries” in some of these areas and they provide thousands of Spanish-language canned goods, fresh fruits and vegetables endemic to the Caribbean area and odd meats such as hogs-heads, for the discerning epicures.


So very, very wrong; there were race riots, hangings, gang crime, and conclaves. Overall, just far more violence than there is today.

The Chinese brought the first IED attacks to America. Russian Jews refused to take “American” names and brought over radical ideas of Socialism. The Irish and Italians brought extensive organized crime, as well as the Anarchy movement of the late 19th century. The Germans set up over 700 German newspapers by 1900, even though they had peaked in immigration 30 years earlier. They set up the “Bundt” clubs where you were pushed to speak only in German.

It was not easy assimilating, people did resist, and many succeeded for decades. That’s the reality.

But the Volva Germans who had failed to assimilate in Russia, did assimilate here, because here unlike in Russia, the native culture was more productive than their own.

That’s what it comes down to; which culture offers the best keys to becoming middle class. That culture won’t “capture” everyone, but it will dominate.


If every word of that is true, it makes zero difference to a man who’s lost his livelihood to an illegal and can no longer feed his family.

People are being replaced by illegals (that’s specifically illegals) because it dodges so many compliance costs associated with legal labor. And the legislative fixes for that stand a snowball’s chance in southern hell of passing dont they?

I’ll tell you another thing your not going to believe: the people hiring illegals have zero interest in their assimilation. There is no job pressure to assimilate because assimilated migrants have less to fear, and the whole point is to have a permanent underclass of cheap, readily available and virtually disposable labor too fearful to make waves. Illegal killed on the job? Bury him in the fill and keep rolling, got a schedule to keep. That’s where we’re headed.


The shooter was a 21-year old kid who wasn’t poor.

And antipathy with immigrants is not linked to being nearby them.

The Zero-sum idea is fed by circumstance, but not by something immigrants are doing. They’re just the fall guy. Blamed for whatever is causing rural America to stagnate (particularly during the Obama years), even as the rest of the country grew.


Doesn’t make their participation in it more acceptable.


Again, 21-year old kid who was not suffering the effects of economic distress. He was just someone who bought into zero-sum reasoning on an “intellectual level” , if you can call it that.


Wasn’t really referencing the shooter, or actually violence at all. Just pointing out that those people don’t give a fart in a hurricane for well reasoned arguments, they want fixes, fast. Why don’t you try that speil on one of 'em, see how far you get telling em how much better off we are for them to suffer.

The shooter was crazy, tho? For real? Huh, whoda thunk it?


People in black masks are convinced “late capitalism” is stealing the country out from under them, and that marxism would prove to be an improvement.

Them not listening to reason, gives me no bones about pointing out how they’re wrong.

Again, it’s the right thing to do.

Which is scapegoating, not reality. People who are suffering are for reasons that have little to nothing to do with immigrants.

I work in two factories right now that would be overseas if not for immigrants who work there, because Americans don’t show the **** up.

Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame sees the same thing. Studies on the matter measure the same thing.

Immigrants don’t drive unemployment, and wage depression is temporary; allocated to people who don’t graduate from high school. Long term it drives their wages up thanks to labor demand growing.

Nah, just spouting nonsense. I’m sure he’s no more crazy than the Antifa sorts.


It seems to me like you’re trying to imply that I’m attempting to defend the shooter or the shooting by pointing out some of the circumstances that make something like this functionally inevitable. The tensions are there and growing, and is say the tattletale on a mooring line just popped…

The law of probable dispersal states: “That which hits the fan will not be evenly distributed” so watch where you stand


… No, I’am saying you’re blaming someone whose blameless.

They had nothing to do with what set the shooter off. He was triggered by bad information (“what i’m studying for isn’t going to exist cos automation” basically) and a victim complex.

He openly admits that Hispanics weren’t even his “target” until he read the manifesto of the New Zealand shooter. Before then it seemed he had corporations in his sights.

So from beginning to end, this was about how he viewed things intellectually. Not what immigrants were putting him through.

You’re connecting the two, so it’s fair game for me to point out that this guy isn’t exactly lining up with what you say the “tensions” are.

He was a gullible, entitled kid who bought into bad ideas. Not a salt-of-the-earth, 16-ton-a-day coal miner exploited by the world until he couldn’t take it anymore and exploded.


You have no future in politics, because you cannot seem to grasp that it. Just. Doesnt. Matter. Nobody would give a crap about any of that even if it were correct. Perception is reality, and you simply deny the validity of the perceptions of millions of people without having bothered to understand their perspective. That kind if dismissiveness of life altering concerns breeds anger, hatred and contempt. When your life is in ruins, it can be awfully hard to see the value in other lives. (Not talking about the el Paso shooter, he’s smoking a turd in HELL and good riddance). So you can expect to see more of this. Sometimes it might be economically driven, it might be cultural or political. Doesn’t really matter too much the details of which variation of the rationale is chosen. It boils down to feeling marginalized beyond return, and marginalization is a thing that is happening to Americans by the importation of migrant labor.

And you offer…pablum. Empty words. “Move up the value chain.” “Get a better job.” “Learn to code.” Useless.

I predict a lot more people will die over this, and who’s on economically sound footing won’t mean a lot to the victims and their families

Crap. 3:30 am, I gotta,sleep. I see there’s more I need to respond to. Later for that, tho


Cool, I don’t want to be a politician. Voicing truth is enough, as right makes might in my book.

Pathologizing even just my own small corner of the world with bullcrap, helps no one.

What is wrong, is wrong, I’m not going to carry water for it.

And I’m not just one of those people because…?

I work two entry level jobs qix, I have **** benefits, no health insurance (for the next month at least), low pay, and immigrants dominate my work space. I’ve competed with them for better positions I didn’t get.

The way I see it, I’m ground ******* zero for who immigrants impact. Yet I don’t blame them for a damn thing I go though, because I bothered to learn economics.

I don’t buy simple-minded explanations, because I know better.

People who spin envy narratives are the ones who get under my skin, right or left. If you claim to speak for me, claim that blocking immigrants or taxing “the rich/businesses” is something you do for my sake as an “American worker”, it’s only you I get angry at.

Don’t agree, if it was meant to happen, it would have during the late 90’s/2000 when Mexican immigration was at its peak.

Or 2007 during the economic downturn.

With what’s happened now with this shooter, just tells me that it’s apart of the same trend of mass shooters we’ve been getting for years. Someone who would have shot up a school or concert, but fell down a different rabbit hole.

Oh yeah, that I buy. But that’s just pointing out why we’re seeing mass shooters.

Mass killings/suicides is also something Japan is experiencing. Like with that guy who burned down an animation studio last month, killing 30 people.

And since Japan doesn’t even have 1/4 of our immigration rate, we can conclude that it’s not immigrants driving the issue. This is something developed nations are experiencing across the board. The offered reasons are just window dressing.

It’s not though? Germany has a consistently lower unemployment rate than us, and wasn’t rocked by China joining the WTO.

So this goes to the problem of work, as well as our “little” issue of overvaluing college while undervaluing trade skills. Which Germans are the opposite of us on.

Results don’t lie. Ordo liberalism has merit worth looking over.


I think he has a great future in politics, because he doubles down with intricate arguments long after his fundamental premise has been has been body-slammed beyond repair.


That’s the problem. He,wants to give people intricate arguments for why their problems don’t matter or their suffering furthers the common weal, rather than solutions to or help with their problems. Telling people “shut up and suffer so other people can prosper and eventually maybe some small improvement trickles down to you” is not a politcally viable platform, and justifying it by telling people theyre stupid and they suck diesnt make it more palatable, but he expects it to work.


Your “conversation” is pure BS. Recent mass killings in Western countries are only very RARELY “motivated by right-wing ideology.”