The Manifesto of the El Paso Shooter


Problems do matter, but as you admitted, they’re scapegoating by blaming immigrants. The cause of their problems is something else.

People also like to say the minimum wage is too low; I’m not listening to claims to raise it. Do you blame me for that?

Well do you qix?

Making high school relevant to people by offering useful work skills, is a solution.

You’ve never given me a real response to this, I just see this as contrarian.


PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE STOP with the “blaming immigrants” BS. Nobody is “blaming immigrants.” We’re blaming the ILLEGAL INVASION of our country by people who have no legal business being here! They come into the country, almost immediately sign up for welfare benefits and for the “benefits” EXCLUSIVELY afforded them by the idiot Democrats, work under the table or by using stolen or phony social security numbers and LOWER everyone’s incomes while sending BILLIONS of U.S. dollars to their home countries.



Uh,no. I said illegal immigrants are not the entirety of the problem, but contribute to it. Please stop trying to conflate my position on illegal immigrants with my position on legal immigration.

You say you’re not a politician, but you have a very political desire to see immigration law reformed. You work contrary to that ambition by telling people their concerns don’t matter, their suffering is better for everyone else, and they’re stupid and selfish for objecting to being marginalized, plus you add a few more grains to the sack of resentments they’re carrying around.

Absolutely. You are solely responsible for the action (or inaction)

It’s a solution that’s years too late for the people who are suffering or perceiving themselves to be marginalized now, the pool of people from which the next attacker will come, and the ones after that.

I don’t recall ever seeing it before, but I’ll cop to contrarian. I figure saying the opposite of whatever you say has about a 95% chance of being correct…



AS, it’s not immigrants that piss off most Americans. Illegal immigrants do.


You’ve blamed even legal immigrants for taking jobs and lowering wages. You have done this.

And so too did the shooter.

And so too did people at the Western Conservative Summit.

And so too do people in Congress and the administration (including Trump himself), which we see play out in their fight over limiting the H1B visa.

So yes, legals and immigrants in general, are very much catching flak here.


People are anxious about both, the shooter was anxious about both. You admitted before that people were psychologically looking for something to blame, and weren’t being discerning as to what. They chose immigration. I didn’t say one wit about what “your” position on immigration was.

Hmm… alright, I’ll admit fault for this as I mentioned Yang before.

The fact is, I was not making a political appeal here, I was speaking socio-culturally. Again, the shooter moved to zero sum thinking because he was juxtaposing immigration with automation.

I’m saying we need more economic literacy to counteract that, as automation is not the threat people claim it is.

I’m equally saying that automation is one of the “new things” I alluded to before. An element that has changed perception of the issue from where it was 40 years earlier.

I care about the economic blight rural areas suffered. The virtually no economic growth from 2010 on is a big deal.

It’s why they’re ground zero for the opioid crisis, why they have double the suicide rate. I care about what’s driving that.

But blaming immigrants or migrants for this is a rushed assumption, and I’m not going go along with it. The evidence doesn’t match the claim.

Ok… maybe I didn’t know what you thought of this, are you saying we should raise the minimum wage?
That that’s going to help people?

Most attackers are young, just like this shooter, and just like most criminals in general. It’s attributed to how their brains are underdeveloped, and they aren’t checking impulses as well.

But also; why are you ruling out GED students? As I’m not. Continued adult learning is apart of how education is handled in Germany.

Germany has results we’re looking for, and results I thought mattered here.


He didn’t post that manifesto. who did?

I’ve heard some people suggest that these shootings are somehow manufactured by leftists wanting to start a war of some kind or perhaps just disarming americans. I won’t go into that. Just something to consider.

But the next best thing. If you can’t control the event…you can control the message. Someone posted that manifesto…but it wasn’t the shooter. Who was it and why…and who says the shooter even wrote that manifesto.


True, Caroline. It doesn’t read like someone with this guy’s education level would write.