The Merry Christmas thread.


Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas to everyone at RO!


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Merry Christmas to everyone at RO!
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Merry Christmas, everybody.


And although it’s not the reason for the season:


Yes, Merry Christmas all!


And or the first time in my lifetime we have a green Christmas. No snow in Canada, hasn’t been snow yet all year. I’m not complaining believe me. Still, it would have been appropriate and enjoyable for a little snow on Christmas. It was 13 celcius today.


There was a guy up and down our road today on a motorcycle.


We’ve had measurable - just barely - snow, twice (I think) this year. The first time was in October.


I saw people in shorts and t-shirt last week. I wouldn’t be surprised if some tried to sunbathe on some days.


We had a very pleasant Christmas, weather-wise. However, it’s been raining cats and dogs all day Saturday and into the wee hours of Sunday AM, with the temperatures dropping like a stone! Expecting up to an inch of ice by noon tomorrow! Snowing out in far west Oklahoma with near-blizzard conditions in some locations. Our daughter and her fiancé left Saturday AM to go to his parents’ house in Tyler, Texas. When they got to Ardmore, OK, the temp was 71. At that very time in OKC, the temp was 44 and falling. Nasty weather on the way. We got a rental car this AM so we aren’t without wheels, but probably won’t be going anywhere for a couple of days anyway. Got lots of food in the house. I just had a small bowl of ambrosia salad that my wife made for Christmas. Yummy! Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Daughter and her fiancé gave me a $500 gift certificate for April 30th for an hour’s drive in a Lamborghini on a closed track and a year’s membership in Amazon Prime!


Yeah, we had 9.5 inches of rain from Monday evening to Thursday morning. Lead to a fair amount of flooding (pretty minimal damage, and no loss of life afaik). Christmas day and Saturday were beautiful and springlike, with highs near eighty. More rain this coming week, then cold… If you don’t like our weather, just wai a little bit, it will all be different!


Sunday morning and we’re sleeping in instead of going to church (or ANYWHERE). We have had more rain and now it’s sleeting to beat all get-out! The front porch (faces north) sidewalk and driveway and street are pretty icy right now and it’s getting worse by the minute. Our daughter and her fiancé are staying in Texas at his parents’ house and then they’re flying to San Diego for the New Years holidays (his birthday gift to her.) Our foster kids were planning on driving to our house today from Norman, OK (about 7 miles south of our house), but probably won’t now. He’s still on crutches from his motorcycle accident in October so has no business trying to get out in THIS stuff. Lousy weather, but I have a nice, hot cuppa coffee and the wife is still bundled up like a bug in a rug and abed. (After my coffee, I may join her.) In the meantime, I’m watching old re-runs of NYPD Blue that I DVR-ed from a new station we’re now getting…the H&I Channel. (We have AT&T Uverse).


Now it’s turned to blowing snow with wind about 15 mph out of the NNE! Not good!


No doubt it was disappointment missing out on seeing that kids, but I’m as glad as you surely are that you and your loved ones can all stay safe and warm.

BTW, UGH, but thanks for the updates.
Oh! I was thinking that your weather could be headed our way, changing this toad-drowner to ice and/or snow. Now I see that your winds are coming out of the NNE, too, so we have been/will be saved by the skin of our teeth. Supposed to drop down into the 30’s tonight, so we’ll see!

We were going to finally bring some Christmas Cookies to our neighbors, but ain’t no way anybody’s crossing that creek today to get to their home. (There’s a foot bridge so you can walk in, but I don’t like 'em THAT much! lol)


Our Pastor and his wife moved here from New Mexico about 1 1/2 years ago. We’ve been having rain here, but the grass is green. This morning the pastor said he was never going to complain about the weather in PA again - they are currently having blizzards in New Mexico.