The Mitford Series by Jan Karon

The local Christian radio has done an audio drama on the first book of this series - At Home in Mitford, which caught FC’s attention. I ordered the book for him, and since then, I have bought (for him, usually birthday or Christmas, but I read them) 6 more books in the series. The main character is an Episcopalian priest. In the first book, he ends up with an 11-year-old boy living with him, whose care-taking grandfather had just had a heart attack (or was it a stroke?). He raised this boy as his own. I can’t remember what’s in which book, but he eventually marries (the priest, not the boy) at the age of 62. Let’s see if I’ve got these in order:
2. A Light in the Window
3. These High Green Hills
4. Out to Canaan (Father Tim retires)
5. A New Song (Father Tim interims on an island off the shore of North Carolina)
6. A Common Life (Chronologically out of order - Father Tim’s marriage to Cynthia Coppersmith)
7. In This Mountain

There are 6 more books in this series.