The Most powerful argument against forced universal masking that you wont hear from media

The US Surgeon General has urged the public not to buy face masks to protect against the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, warning they are largely ineffective at protecting against the viral infection in public.

They are, however, a useful tool for doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals who are consistently in close proximity to infected individuals. So, to prevent vital medical resources from running dry, the Surgeon General, Dr Jerome M Adams, has warned against rushing out to buy face masks.

“Seriously people – STOP BUYING MASKS!” Dr Adams tweeted over the weekend.

Dr. Cyril Wecht Calls Mandatory Mask Order By Dr. Rachel Levine ‘Totally Absurd’

Dr. Wecht said the response to the virus isn’t just about health. “This has been so over politicized, it’s disgusting. And yes, I am a Democrat, but I am the first one to say the Democratic governors and other Democratic politicians are pushing hard for this because it looks bad for Trump and the longer it goes on, the worse it is for Trump - even in terms of his campaigning.

“The ultra left-wing liberals on the Democratic side - they’re total lunatics too,” he said. “Let’s deal with this in an objective way.”

tell that to these idiots running these stores and telling people,‘you can’t shop here unless you’re wearing a mask’. I say…‘i’m exempt’. I can’t wear one. I don’t tell them anything after that. The reason I can’t wear it is that it is an affront to me as an American. I am not a government toady to do as they say. Your government tells you to wear and mask and stay six feet away from everybody else. Thank goodness they didn’t tell you to bend over stick your head between your legs and kiss your own arse. Cause no doubt these fools would come in with neck braces.

For those not aware, Cyril Wecht is a very popular coroner and lifelong Democrat in Pittsburgh.

Wecht has always commanded respect because he is the smartest guy in the room, has common sense and isn’t afraid to tell idiots that they’re idiots.

Now who’s advice would you rather take?

A well renowned and say’s it like it is doctor or … some doctor that likes to play pretend?(rofl)

Dr. Rachel Levine
(Or is it Richard?)

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it’s Richard. Something that ugly did not start off as a woman…and they must have a death wish to even try for it with that mugg.

Still…wecht…I didn’t realize he was democrat…didn’t consider his political leanings which being dem makes it EVEN BETTER…>>HE was the one that said that Ron Brown had a gun shot wound to his head in spite of the media and democrats claim that he died in the crash.

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Businesses are terrified of lawsuits and so they go with the majority of the ignorant masses!

The majority believe that a mask will keep you from contracting the virus and so Everyone must wear a mask at their places of business!

Of course those suits will not go anywhere “unless” the business is a Trump supporter and they, (the plaintiffs) get an obama, clinton or bush Judge! 8)

(That is a major problem in this country now … Political Judges!)