The mystery of the disappearing posts

Just to let you know, twice since 4 PM (Eastern) my posts have disappeared after hitting submit. Not griping so much as pointing out in case it’s a sign of a bigger issue.

Nobody is deleting them that I know of. What thread were they in?

First was starting the thread in videos on the eagle grabbing the child and the other was my reply to c whoever (can’t remember the real user name, no offense meant at all) in the government and business thread. If you want more info can do better from home. Currently on my Kindle so navigating around is a bit of a pain.

I’ve not been deleting posts recently, either (in reference to JS’s post).

Maybe try clicking your browser’s Refresh button, see if the disappeared posts are indeed there. I do see the eagle thread in the Just Videos forum, and I also see two similar posts in the Government-Business Profits Accountability thread.

I’m not accusing any mod of anything, just wanted to post about it in case of a growing problem. I reposted as soon as I realized they were not there.

I did it.


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