The new “cruel and unusual punishment” ... Prosecutions by the Federal Government


I have been collecting and studying British coins and history intently for the past couple of years. When you look at the various ways the British used to execute people, you see why our founding fathers included prohibitions against “cruel and unusual punishment” in the constitution.

The most humane form of execution was beheading with a sharp sword welded by an expert swordsman. That’s how Henry VIII had Anne Boleyn killed in the comparative privacy of the Tower of London courtyard. The fellow who executed Mary Queen of Scots botched the job. It took him three hacks with the sword to remove her head.

If they wanted to make you suffer, it was much worse. Drawing and quartering, burning at the stake and partial hanging were all on the agenda. One British king, Edward II, who was probably gay, had red hot poker rammed up his butt. Cruel executions continued to be practiced until the first half of the 1800s.

Today those practices are a thing of the past in most civilized nations, but there is a new form of torture, prosecution by the Federal Government. With its infinite resources, the government can bring charges up upon your forever. One person described it as finding a person to target and then looking for a crime. This is what Robert Mueller has been doing for the past two years.

Defending yourself is very expensive. You can lose all of your assets in the process, which is what has happen to Micheal Flynn. After awhile the only defense is to tell them what they want to hear, and hope that you don’t go to jail for very long. In the mean time you have been financially ruined and your reputation has been irreparably harmed.

How is this any different than the medieval practice of torturing someone to get a confession? It isn’t. It’s the modern form of cruel and unusual punishment, and the Federal Government, starting with Robert Mueller, should be called to account for it.


Mueller will get away with it and have his way.

The only thing is, he may overplay his hand. (Looks like it.)

What I mean is this: He may play this out too long, without any evidence of wrongdoing. . Eventually, it will become obvious (even to JoeSixpack . . . and it has to the rest of us) that he’s just spinning his wheels, and spending taxpayers money needlessly.

He will become a laughingstock and never be taken seriously.


I wish he would become the laughing stock, but with the new Democrat majority coming into Congress, Adam Shift, Maxine Waters and rest rest of the chuckle heads who are pushing this narrative will go into high gear with their investigations.

Even they know that they can’t get an impeachment conviction in the Senate with a Republican majority. What they want is to harass Trump so much that he can’t do his job. That has been their goal all along. They also want to destroy his approval ratings for 2020 election.

These people don’t care about country. Their concerns are with ideology and the globalist initiative. They think that country, culture and nationalism are obsolete terms. If they ever did get what they wanted, the Muslins will hit them like a hammer. They will learn that fundamental aspects of their value system, like women’s rights and gay rights will be gone in an instant. The conservatives like us, whom they hate, will seem like good days, but let’s hope we never end up where they want to be.


The Dem politicians themselves- at least the high-ranking ones- don’t give a rat’s patootie about ideology. It’s just a power struggle for them; if the country gets trashed in the course of their pursuits, what do they care?


Yes, and the chief practitioner of that philosophy is Hillary Clinton. The only ideology she understands is, “What will make me more powerful and richer?” in that order. She is the American Hugo Chavez.


Mueller is already in contempt of the judge who issued the subpoena for the original form 305 in the Flynn investigation, and destroyed evidence by wiping the phones of Strzock and Page. Overplay his hand? What consequences are there for senior bureaucrats?


Since Flynn has gone public with some statements, Mueller is threatening to put him in jail after he said that he was not going to ask for any prison time from Flynn. This just proves my point that Mueller uses to legal system to force people to say what he wants them to say and to silence people when he wants them to be quiet.

I wish that there was a way to end this partisan garbage once and for all. This special prosecutor mess is out of control. It’s gone on for almost two years now, and I predict that it will continue for as long as Trump is in office, which includes beyond 2021 if he is re-elected. Mueller is a prime example of a partisan political hack.