The new democrat plan? NICE

So. For some reason, the Biden administration is hiring thousands of IRS agents to do audits mainly on the middle class and low income earners?

Thanks Brandon! this president is the best ever! Higher prices for everything AND audits so the IRS can squeeze as much tax money out of everyone with a job in the USA! Nice. Democrats are awesome. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

You guys are so in touch with the American people it’s just amazing


As I stated in the “Fed up” string of posts, the IRS is the perfect agency to go after the political opposition.

The money gained from this will be small compared to amounts the government is spending. A billion is a thousand million, and these guys are spending $ 739,000,000,000 more. As has been pointed out before, if you confiscated all of the income beyond $500,000 per year, it would only run the government for about three months.

In addition there would be diminishing returns. The people were earning that would stop doing it or maybe even leave the country. Why work for nothing?

It occurs to me that they’re not just going after political opponents financially. When you bloat any Federal agency with more agents (and I don’t believe the IRS is the only one), you’ve got that many more hands to put guns into. I can’t remember which agency it was during the Obama years that was buying up 9mm ammo like it was on a closeout sale. At the time, I didn’t think it was as big a deal as it would be if they were buying up 5.56mm, but it’s since occurred to me that 9mm is the most common caliber for submachine guns.

To reiterate: I’m not sure the bloating of the agency is about beating people up with tax laws.

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It’s to squeeze every last dime they can out of americans before wasting it on stupid programs.

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I’m the literal con man here and I’m not afraid of the IRS. I have 20k in outsranding judgements against me. I only work in cash/wire transfers and only take 1099 jobs. That’s why I make so little because any employer who wants me has to hire me on as an independent contractor. Independent contractors pay more taxes than anyone else. I keep my money in Panama because there are so many judgements against me. I’ve had pleasant talks with the IRS worked out a decent payment plan. I’m not worth if for them, no real assets, liquid assets of less than 10k offshore. I owe about 8k to the feds, I make that payment every month on the dime. Used to be about 14k.

Or Republicans could be in charge, and you could live a normal life, @Unitedwestand.

BUT reading between the lines, it seems that at least part of your problems have to do with drug charges. So maybe when the Democrats have legalized or decriminalized the use of all drugs, including the hard ones, you will be okay.

Of course if you get too much fentanyl, you’ll be dead. The Chinese are helping the Democrats with the excess homeless population on that score, and Biden’s open border policy is facilitating the process.

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Done alot of them never went down for them. When a guy is in a hospital and you got some stuff in your left pocket the DA doesn’t even care about that. All Violent crimes, except for the littering on public property that was a statement from the DA that I was not welcome back in that county. They babysat me for 6 months trying to find any infraction.

Republicans aren’t going to help me discharge my debt public/private. I have very serious medical problems I need medicaid, I can’t afford to make much because my treatments costs thousands of dollars biweekly. I’ve been let go early in jail 4 times because of medical release. At Market rate I’d have to pull half a mill a year for my treatments.

One more thing @sendgop you have me pegged as a drug-guy, more of a fraud-guy. In the last 10 years any drug I’ve done was certified by a chemist or a pharmacist, not some street hustler named mo-money. I drive a nice volvo, I have a bit of a pedigree. I’m more white collar than you think. You like brie? You like hot tubs? Swedish Massage? I like those things… I have good tastes.

How exactly are the democrats going to pull this off?