The New GOP, Same Old GOP

The GOP is keeping with its long standing tradition of dropping their commitment to the Principles they campaign on as soon as they glean enough power to actually have a chance at getting it done, the latest is the ban on killing babies after 20 weeks

Republicans Drop Abortion Vote on Party In-Fighting* - Bloomberg

I expect we have seen the last of the “Repeal Obamacare” efforts as well, these guys are nothing if not consistent.


When neither party represents the views of the voters…time for a new party.

Last time this happened was when the Whigs dumbed-down into irrelevancy - while the nation stewed over questions of abolition and secession. The new third party, the Republicans, answered the pressing concerns of the voters that the Elites were ignoring.

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The new and improved GOP…

We’re Pro-Choice
We like ObamaCare, it just needs tweaked a little
We love NAFTA and TPP
Government ISN’T the problem, Government is the SOLUTION
Welfare needs repaired, not repealed
Sometimes you just have to raise taxes
Nationalizing corporations is great.
Open borders and a purpetual Welfare state is awesome

By Election time the GOP won’t have a single Conservative view left.


It’s time to leave, social conservatives. Find a new political home.

If we leave, there won’t be many left.

It’ll be one more caucus of the DemocRat party. Because the RINOs have more in common with, and make common-cause more often with, the pro-Islam, pro-redistribution, antibusiness, Hate-America-First, Soetoro-worshipping cast of idiots than they do with who makes up the party who elected them.

And I for one believe you’re traveling under a false flag.

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“Social conservative” is a Lefty code for “conservative.” By saying that, what R.O. house Progressive means is goodbye conservatives, get out of the GOP so the guy likely paying Jazz to troll here, George Soros can fundamentally transform the GOP into the DNC 2.0.

The problem with the GOP is not the party platform but more so its members. Back in the eighties when Bluedog Democrats split from the party and joined the ranks of the right is where it went wrong. They have since chased out conservative republicans from the party. Now what we are left with is liberals using the Republican platform in order to win elections. Only problem the current GOP and Democrats have is that they(current GOP) want to be the new Democratic party of flush out the Old Guard of the Left.

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Jazz I think you will find that most conservatives left the GOP a long time ago. The only reason we come back is because they are the only viable alternative. Most conservative just swallow the pill and hope in 4 more years there is a better option on the ballot.

It goes back a bit further, unfortunately. It goes back to the birth of the Neocon, when the chickenhawk Dems in the 1950’s and 1960’s, all Liberal except regarding the Cold War joined and overthrew the GOP. They’ve been trying to remove the Reagan’s and Goldwater’s from the Party ever since. It didn’t help their coalition grew with the Blue Dog’s, however. Now it’s sadly reached a point open Socialist Progressives like Jazz are joining the GOP and trying to shove the remaining Conservatives out.

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Seriously, increase your post count by a factor of 20 and you’ll approach mine. Why would a “false flagger” stay with it for so long?

And even more seriously - the GOP has always welcomed conservatives and will always be a conservative party. My problem is with social conservatives, not conservatives.

No, he isn’t. He just has a different definition for what a Conservative is.

I am not so sure. He expects conservatives to accept liberal definitions, against their principles. He is bound to know he isn’t a conservative. He’s a Republican and the irony is, he reflects the GOP left turn.


I would say it this way:

I am not so sure. He expects conservatives to accept liberal definitions, against their principles. He is bound to know **his posts aren’t **conservative. He’s a Republican and the irony is, he reflects the GOP left turn.

I guess, if it makes you feel better. However, truth is not an insult. If you offer conservative posts, you are very likely a conservative. If not, probably not. It’s not like I called him an idiot.

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And his supposed “definition” is the Democrat Platform. He’s sided with the Dems 99% of the time, NEVER sides with a Conservative view and has ADMITTED his only purpose here is to aggravate Conservatives. Check the post history.

Actually, the platform isn’t all it used to be…


There’s a platform still?

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Written in Jello…

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Apparently their spines are made of the same material. I am noticing a trend…

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I am the sort of conservative that was more common before the rise of the tea party. Call me a Jack Kemp conservative, conservative on economic matters but less so on cultural issues, who is not unwilling to utilize the power of government to encourage market-based solutions that will uplift the poor and less fortunate.

I am not particularly conservative on cultural issues, but it depends on the issue. For example, I strongly support marriage as a bulwark of the family, and am bothered by our culture’s easy acceptance of sexual promiscuity. But as should be painfully obvious, I am a strong supporter of civil rights and the equal protection of the law, which to me is perfectly consistent with conservatism, but which aggravates cultural conservatives who want to keep women and minorities in their traditional “place”.