The NEW unmarried moms...over 20's vs. teen moms.


Interesting article in the WSJ on a subject I’d not heard discussed before in depth. Hopefully it stays released from the journals pay wall.
Here’s a sample:

" Teen pregnancy rates have been declining for two decades now. Today’s typical unmarried mother is a high-school graduate in her early 20s who may very well be living with her child’s father…

Thanks in part to TV shows like “Girls” and predecessors like “Friends,” we tend to think of today’s 20-something years as a kind of post-adolescent transitional period: Young adults move in and out of jobs and careers, hang out at cafes and bars with friends, test drive romantic partners and just try to figure themselves out. This pop-cultural depiction is accurate enough for the third or so of Americans who have a four-year college degree, but it’s a long way from the reality of most 20-somethings. By the time they turn 30, about two-thirds of American women have had their first child, usually outside of marriage…

The sad irony is that the unmarried 20-something parent is often both responding to and helping to produce the economic and social troubles now enveloping much of the country. Children born to stable, married parents are more likely to graduate from high school and from college, well-equipped to thrive in a knowledge economy and, in turn, more likely to marry and start their own families on a stable footing. The converse is true for children from homes marked by instability. Without a stable family, their chances of moving up the education and income ladder are stunted, which—in turn—reduces their odds of getting married as adults.

More at the link: The New Unmarried Moms -

It seems to me that THIS is the kind of marriage issue the GOP and Conservatives ought to be spending their time talking about and trying to change for the better.
That there was a THIRTY POINT gap between Romney and BHO on unmarried women under 30 says that there is much to be gained by talking directly and honestly to this demographic…especially those without degrees.