The next big liberal thing

My friend is vacationing in New York City right now. Apparently the entire city contains these “decolonization” advertisements.

So I googled decolonization, and as with everything democrat, it seems to be a goal that is not narrowly defined. It is some kind of ideal set forth by people suffering from white guilt. It’s a way for bored overprivileged people to bide their time feeling like they are good people despite their original sin.

So what is decolonization defined as? (there are many more definitions because the idea itself doesn’t seem to be clear)

Decolonization or decolonisation is the undoing of colonialism, the latter being the process whereby a nation establishes and maintains its domination of foreign territories”:

Here is where I would normally go off on how stupid and insulting to my intelligence that this idea is when applied to the USA. But I’m too tired. Evidently the world would be a better place if people dressed in loin cloths regularly waged war on other people like them and ritualistically burned the conquered constituents alive, and the solution to just about everything would be a death sentence. Earth: 300 yrs ago

And no more pesky cars, computers, lights, stoves, roads, toilets, television, electricity, deodorant, stores, designer clothing, beds, movies, air conditioning, video games, money, medicine, phones, internet, tooth paste, tooth brushes, hats, gloves, books, magazines, literature, soap, hospitals, police, buildings, etc etc etc

Ignorant, virtue signalling, intimidated, spineless pieces of human debris make me want to :face_vomiting:

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I support ‘Doctors Without Borders’ and am on their mailing list for a bulletin which reports on the good works they are doing, much of it in Africa.

The latest one mentions their work in Madagascar, where the South is very dry – they’ve been having a prolonged drought for several years.

A ‘Doctors Without Borders’ team went to a remote village, and reported on the great difficulty they had on the old road to that village. When Madagascar was a colony, it was paved. Now, ‘nature is reclaiming’ it.

So there is a concrete example of ‘decolonization’: a return to the state of nature, and not only in the sense of crumbling infrastructure, but in the Hobbesean sense as well.

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The left chooses their boogey-men and just hammers away until all rationality is gone and nothing remains but steaming hatred. On the f–k white people train people are accumulating some seriously nonsensical ridiculous stupid ideas and nobody has even checked what is waiting on the caboose.

Instead of encouraging people to come together, the left separates people by race and ethnicity and then pulls off scabs and opens old wounds about past injustices to get them angry and resentful. That is one of the traits that radical Muslims and the Democrat Party have in common.