The Next Internment?


Recently in a debate with a few friends, one of them, Alan, brought up “false flag” attacks and the governmental justification for more power. The other one, Brian, insisted there is no way our government would be corrupt enough to sacrifice life in such an attack to justify more power. Alan brought up Operation Northwoods, the Reichstag fire and other examples in which governments were willing to or at least willing to entertain the idea of sacrificing life to justify increasing governmental control. One of the examples he provided regarding the government taking mass human life on our soil was from the genocide of Native Americans. Alan, a Native American, wrote about being a child and sitting on the laps of old men who were Native Americans and told him stories of battles, the Trail of Tears, etc. I found the stories he provided to this debate to be interesting. They are often dismissed as a “dark stain on an otherwisegreat country.” Sure, the Old Republic is a great country, but because it adhered to founding principles. One would have to ask though, when as a whole the country began turning away from these principles.

Our rights are natural and inherent. They are God given. We have a right to be free. These rights existed long before the Constitution was even written. The Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, is to limit government and prohibit it from infringing on our rights. This includes not only American citizens, but humans in general, physically on our soil. Therefore, any Native American tribe should have had their rights protected by the Constitution. Some could argue Native Americans are American citizens, while others could argue certain tribes themselves claimed to be nations within the geographical landscape of North America. Either way one looks at it, Native Americans should have had Constitutional protection from an abusive government. So, I believe we can’t just dismiss this as a dark stain, but we have to realize if the Constitution was circumvented in the past to infringe on peoples’ liberties, it can be in the future. If we ignore history, it is bound to be repeated.

The first large scale imprisonment of people in concentration camps in the U.S. began in 1838 when President Jackson ordered the US. Army to round up Cherokee Indians and the Indian Removal Act of 1830 was enforced. Large numbers of Indians we replaced in camps and later relocated.

In during WWII, American citizens of Japanese dissent were pulled from their homes, rounded up, and put into internment camps with no due process and without violating any laws. FDR, who approved this via his executive order 9066, even referred to the camps as concentration camps.

About 120,000 Americans of Japanese descent were incarcerated. They were citizens or permanent resident aliens who were documented and legal by the way. These camps were complete with armed guards and barbed wire.

In more recent history, during the Republica National Convention of 2004 in NYC, protesters were rounded up and taken to a terminal used for cruise ships and a bus garage on the Hudson River later referred to as GITMO on the Hudson. People were held in poor crowded conditions for long hours.

The Patriot Act and N.D.A.A.provisions have eroded rights formerly protected by the Constitution, including the Fourth Amendment to the point we are not secure in our houses, papers, and effects. Interestingly, the language of the founders’ time referred to a right to privacy. We are spied on by drones, the government spies on our correspondence, what we earn, and what we buy. Federal agents are able to write their own search warrants and the government conducts warrantless tapping of wires, communication, and correspondence. The government has also authorized itself to detain American citizens indefinitely with no due process and no right to trial.

Take this into account and look at the fact there have been executive orders regarding suspended civil liberties in the case of a “national emergency,” to include detaining American citizens in which FEMA will be responsible for the concentration camps.

Could we be the next Native Americans so to speak? Could we who oppose big tyrannical government be the next to be in internment camp?