The Obama End Game??


Whenever a Democrat is about to lose a presidential election I always ask myself, what is it that a frantic, fanatical ideologue could pull out of his hat to turn the election in his favor? Sizing up Team Obama and the group of amateurish thugs BO has in his lineup one might choose to eliminate the word could in favor of **will. **Such an event is commonly refered to as an “October Surprise”.

So, what is the one thing Obama, Axlerod - the Marxists - might do? The ONE BIG THING that might remove the Libyan debacle from scrutiny and provide him the positive media coverage the mainstreamers are so eager to give him? What might be the one BIG LIE?

Let me offer this: Recall a week ago that the NY Times announced that the Obama administration was about to enter into face-to-face
discussions with Iran. That isn’t something the NY Times is likely to get wrong. Recall that the administration flatly denied there was any truth to the story. Lying is a fundamental trait of Team Obama.

Tying all this together, might we be in store for an announcement in the days right before the election that Obama has cut a deal with Iran that puts an end to their nuclear program? Not that Iran would really agree to actually giving up on nukes, but rather give Obama enough public verbage that Team Obama could make such an announcement.

Why would Iran help Obama? Whom would you rather deal with if you are Iran? Romney or a limp-wristed Obama??!!


Well, Iran frantically tried to “deal” with Jimmy Carter in an effort to prevent the election of Ronald Reagan. Had their ploy succeeded, the hostages might still be there.


A corrupt/incompetent Obama administration, obviously desparate to further the job of inflicting it’s Marxist agenda on the American people, just might do/say anything to further “the cause”. Just look at the Libyan embassy disgrace/disaster and the deception and lies provided by Obama, Clinton and the rest of the gang. I’m not predicting the announcement of an Iranian “deal” - but I won’t be shocked should such an announcement be forthcoming, either.



It helps them to have weak, limp-wristed Liberals in the White House and in control of Congress. They will back the candidate that benefits them the most and the US the least.


And I won’t be surprised if I’m A Nutjob continues to deny it.
Who do YOU think U.S. voters are more likely to believe?

[Sure, I’m A Nutjob will say what’s most politically expedient for him. And no doubt he’d prefer an Obonehead presidency to Romney’s. However, he needs the support of his own country first. Besides, he does have his pride.]


After all this discussion I hate to bring this up but Obama’s achilles heel is the economy and his administration has been playing fast and loose with Wall Street, bouncing numbers around and the labor Department figures for ?employment’. I do think there will be some spectacular numbers showing up in the next week.


You may be correct, NJC - pulling numbers out of thin air will likely be the “final solution” for Team Obama.


While I believe these are actions he may and could or would take, I do not concur this can tilt the table.

I am thinking more like a NOV surprise. Obama has (last count I saw) 131 IIRC lawyers with offices setup across the US and this number is growing, poised to file suit ‘in any state Obama loses by less than 3%’. Some of this may have changed, since I last caught up with numbers and tactics.

What we need to do is go back and look at the Bush/Gore election. Technically we had a time there that we did not have a POTUS.

That said, that won’t last long and if possession is 9/10ths of the law, then the sitting POTUS will default.

Obama can lock this up in the courts if the winds blow even close his way…and he has an ACE up his sleeve…

He can call a National Emergency based upon the “potential for a crises”. Not talking Martial Law, Obama has rewritten some of the EO’s and has given himself the power to do that.

EO are law 30 days after being published in the Federal Register unless Congress acts.

Obama can FORCE a Constitutional crises on the US and if his history as POTUS is any indicator of future performance you can expect his to regard the US Constitution as he always has…NOT AT ALL, expect Harry Reid to support him…


If this happens, I hope it backfires.