the Obama / Hillary Clinton Administration's list of accomplishments


The sad truth is, the Obama / Hillary Clinton Administration has added more to the national debt than all other presidents combined;

it has given aid and comfort to our enemies by releasing them from GITMO;

it has attempted to strike a deal with a hostile foreign nation behind closed doors and without the consent of the United State Senate being required as commanded by our Constitution;

it is allowing a thousand Islamic “refugees” into the U.S. each month without proper screening or a requirement they renounce an allegiance to their country of origin;

it has transferred America’s weapons of defense and military technology to hostile Islamic leaders [the Islamic Brother Hood];

it has assisted an Islamic terrorist state to move forward with producing the component parts for a nuclear arsenal;

it has worked to release $150 Billion in assets to the terrorist government of Iran;

it has allowed our southern border to be invaded by the poverty stricken populations of Mexico and Central America;

it is making American citizens tax slaves to support the economic needs of millions of foreigner who have invaded our borders;

it has decided to prop up the communist government of Cuba by normalizing relations, which in turn will yield a needed infusion of money to strengthen this government’s iron fist around the necks of its citizens;

it has released thousands of criminal illegal aliens from our nation’s jails into our nation’s population;

it is responsible for undermining our election process by making it easy for ineligible persons to vote;

it has interfered with our nation’s ability to develop our nation’s natural resources, namely oil, coal and natural gas, to fuel our economy;

it has worked to stifle America’s agricultural industry and ability to produce food under the guise of environmental necessity;

it has intentionally sabotaged our nation’s health care delivery system;

it has blatantly impinged upon the American People’s inalienable right to make their own choices and decisions regarding their health care and medical needs;

it is responsible for a dramatic increase [about 12 million] in the number of people receiving food stamps;

it is responsible for a dramatic drop in fulltime employment;

it is responsible for a dramatic increase in the unemployment rate among our nation’s Black and poverty stricken youth by allowing illegal aliens to take these jobs;

it has used the force of our federal government to tax the paychecks of hard working people living in our nation’s inner cities and then transferred $ billions from our federal treasury to his inner circle donor friends under the guise of “green energy” [Solyndra/Chevy Volt/Fisker, Exelon, etc.];

it has repeatedly circumvented our Republican Form of Government by issuing Executive Orders and memorandums;

it has used the force of the federal government to attack “conservatives” who dare to exercise their right to freedom of speech;

Who can truthfully deny that the Obama / Hillary Clinton Administration is the worst Administration ever?


Obama is the worst President ever!. Here is a LIST of the Obama / Hillary Clinton’s evil doings!


I don’t know why Obama / Clinton supporters do not want to take credit for the above mentioned accomplishments. The list establishes countless successes of the Obama / Clinton Administration which are carefully designed to fundamentally transform America.


If we can make 51 percent of America’s population dependent upon an Obama, welfare, food stamp, section 8 housing, college loan check, and now free Obamacare along with FREE BACON, we can blackmail them for their vote, keep ourselves in power and keep the remaining portion of America’s productive population enslaved to pay the bills ____ Our Washington Establishment’s Free Cheese Democracy, designed to establish a federal plantation which confiscates and then redistributes wealth that wage earners, business and investors have worked to create.


Good post, JH. That is quite a comprehensive list of anti-accomplishments and represents a very sad chapter in our history.

Sadder still is the likelihood that Hillary Clinton will most likely be the nation’s next president. Trump is blowing it - he is full of bluster, but he is having trouble getting out of his own way. Clinton is a target rich individual, but instead of hammering her on the terrible economy and her foreign policy record and exposing state secrets on her personal server - on all the points you enumerated in your post - he decides to make a personal attack on the “Mexican” judge - who happens to be an American and is sitting on an active case in which he, Trump, is the defendant. Hell, Trump is no more ethical than Clinton or Obama. This sh*t might play well with many Republicans but it will scare the hell out of Independents and give Clinton a wealth of ammo - as if she needed more.

The man seemingly has no limits and is often inarticulate to the point he has difficulty making a coherent argument and simply lashes out. He often does not think before opening his mouth.

It’s too bad - we desperately need to win this election. Yet, even if we do, what the hell are we getting? I wish I knew.


Excellent… Now if the Donald would only put a few of these out there instead of his usual bombastic rhetoric.


Someone who can, needs to get a hold of Ed Rollins, Donald’s consultant, and ask him to encourage Trump to constantly hammer Hillary on the countless accomplishments of the Obama / Hillary Administration, some of which are listed at the top of the thread.


The Obama/Hillary Administration has given aid and comfort to our sworn enemies by releasing them from GITMO


johnhawk - “Someone who can, needs to get a hold of Ed Rollins, Donald’s consultant, and ask him to encourage Trump to constantly hammer Hillary on the countless accomplishments of the Obama / Hillary Administration, some of which are listed at the top of the thread”.

JH, there is no doubt that an old pro like Rollins has had the discussions with Trump which you suggest. But, Trump is who he is; he’s unlikely to change much. A large portion of the Republican electorate has, to this point, ignored/overlooked Trump’s shortcomings and simplistic rhetoric.

Rather than trying to get Trump to change his focus, I suggest his speeches be much more scripted with less reliance on spontaneity and Trump pulling regrettable quotes out of his butt and more reliance on the kind of talking points that draws attention to Hillary’s long list of SPECIFIC shortcomings and disgraceful record.

Do I think this will happen? No


Now that Hillary is the nominee, will she start taking credit for the Obama / Hillary Administration’s list of accomplishments listed at the top of the thread?


The Obama/Hillary Administration has given aid and comfort to our sworn enemies by releasing them from GITMO


John, just wonderin, you gave us the Day 1 list when are you going to give us the rest of the 8 years, maybe server limitations will hold you back, but I have a friend who manages a mainframe with a lot of extra cycle time you could use…


Tell me what you think of the Obama / Clinton Administration taxing hard working people living in our nation’s inner cities and then transferring their paychecks [ BILLIONS OF DOLLARS] to Washington’s inner circle crowd through a money laundering operation called “green energy”?

BTW, see: 80% of Obama green jobs money goes to Obama donors.

**Why do Obama and Hillary hate hard working people living in our nation’s inner cities who are having their earned wages swindled from them? **

I would love to see Trump nail Hillary on this!


"To lay with one hand the power of the government on the property of the citizen [ a working person’s earned wage] and with the other to bestow upon favored individuals, to aid private enterprises and build up private fortunes [Obama’s Solyndra, Chevy Volt, Fisker, Exelon swindling deals] is none the less a robbery because it is done under forms of law and called taxation." ____ Savings and Loan Assc. v. Topeka,(1875).


John, far worse…I read a piece when I was on travel the past 3+ weeks and shame on me for losing it. Seems the Obama admin has been going after banks and other financial institutions in the mortgage business. Fines have been in the BILLIONS, YES BILLIONS…good some may say as they caused the meltdown. But its where the fines being paid are going. Its being given to orgs like ACORN and others to distribute among those who MAY have been harmed by the mortgage crises. Read minorities. To qualify all you have to do is STATE you were turned down for a loan (no proof required) or that you chose not to take a loan because the interest rate was to high or any reason that claims you were “discriminated” against. Does not mean you actually WERE, but could have. Billions are flowing into the hands of minorities for nothing more than being a minority.


See Obama admin accused of forcing bank to pay baseless racial settlement

”The New York Post had something of an overlooked bombshell report this weekend regarding a settlement reached between the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Ally Bank last year. This is a strange story and if it proves true it could seriously affect the reputation and position of the CFPB. The case in question was a very expensive settlement reached between the Bureau and Ally over charges that they engaged in a pattern of racial discrimination in their automotive loan lending practices, denying applications or charging higher fees to minority applicants. But according to some new documentation revealed by the Post, the charges were exaggerated at best.”

The Chicago crowd, which Obama and Hillary are both part of, have been in the shake down business for years.


American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax slaves and forced to finance the personal economic needs of millions of foreigners who have invaded America’s borders.


Many of the Obama / Hillary Clinton Administration’s list of accomplishments are part of our Global Governance Crowd’s objectives.

SEE: International Institutions and Global Governance: World Order in the 21st Century

And also see: The Council on Foreign Relations Global Governance Page

To view the names of a number of the players in this crowd see Council on Foreign Relations’ Membership Roster

As you can see, Chelsea Clinton is already being groomed!

This gang has been around for generations and have been achieving their goals, slowly but surely.

In recent years they have focused their attention on a centralize military force under their control while sabotaging and dismantling our military. And this is in addition to neutering our Constitution, especially with respect to America regulating its commerce with foreign nations which is being slowly transferred, by a traitorous Congress, to international institutions and bodies via WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, FAST TRACK, ETC.

The Obama / Clinton Administration has sped up the process, while the American People seem to have been asleep at the switch.

The good news is, Trump may have awakened a good number of the people. I pray to God he has!


***As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances there is a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air - however slight - lest we become unwitting victims of darkness.***___Supreme Court Justice William Douglas


It’s gonna happen! IF Trump wins more than likely he is a one term just due to age. But no matter we are seeing the last conservative in the WH for the future as in your lifetime. This country is collapsing and past the tipping point.

The GOP will swing left but can never catch up to the left. Over half of Americans believe in a free lunch and have no ownership in America.


Donald Trump has been having private meetings with Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations since July 2003

The good news is, Trump may, and I say “may”, have awakened a good number of the people. I pray to God he has! But, the question remains as to why Trump is having private meetings with the ring leader of the Council on Foreign Relations, a group whose interest reflects the interests of international corporate giants who have no allegiance to America or any nation.


Those who supported Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House, and those who now support Hillary Clinton support our Global Governance Crowd and their FAST TRACK, WTO, NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, and the Pacific Rim deal, each of which are designed to circumvent America First trade policies, while fattening the fortunes of international corporate giants who have no allegiance to America or any nation.


it’s my bombastic rhetoric.


See AG orders transcripts of calls between Orlando terrorist and police edited to remove ISIS loyalty pledge

20 June, 2016

***” WASHINGTON (Christian Examiner) – In keeping with the policy of President Barack Obama’s administration to avoid associating terror attacks with radical Islam, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has ordered the FBI to redact transcripts of the calls between police negotiators and the terrorist who attacked the Pulse nightclub – an Orlando gay bar – to remove references the shooter’s religious affiliations.

Omar Mateen shot and killed 49 people at the nightclub at 2 a.m. June 12. He wounded at least 50 others before SWAT officers stormed the building and killed him. Mateen declared his allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS) before the shooting and, according to later reports, on social media during the attack”***

It is absolutely stunning why the Obama / Hillary Administration still has so much support when each day proves it is a habitually lying, un-American, and evil enterprise whose mission from the very start has been ___ Death to America by a thousand cuts.


The Obama/Hillary Administration has given aid and comfort to our sworn enemies by releasing them from GITMO


Here is your answer:

Put FEAR and TERROR into the hearts and minds of the people, then taking away their rights becomes easy as most are willing to trade their rights for safety. But there is NO safety. No how all police, fire other GOVERNMENT are referred to as “First Responders”; they are NOT, YOU are! When seconds count, the police are only minutes away AFTER writing a speeding ticket. This is to get you to dial 911 and cower as you watch you family being raped and murdered. No gun, No Defense!

At this time the govt has you heart, mind and soul and you will dance to their tune or be killed.

If you think I am dreaming or making this up or that it can never happen here, then take some time off and study history as far back as you want to go and you will find this scenario repeated time after time of the past millennials…

Its coming and if I live as long as the insurance company says I will, then I will live to see it…