The One


The One

We all know the excitement of discovery that makes us shout,“This is the one!” We search for the rightcollege, career opportunity, house or wife. When we find it (or her), we know. This is the one!

The woman at the well must have felt-rightly-that she hadfound the One. She seemed to besearching for something and said to Jesus, “I know that Messiah is coming”(verse 25). Imagine her thrill whenJesus responded, “I …am He” (verse 26). In her excitement she left her water jar and ran to bring others to seethe One.

An important difference distinguishes the discovery of Jesusfrom all other discoveries. You chose acollege or a home or a new car. Whileyour decision brings a feeling of excitement, another choice probably would haveserved you just as well. However, in thecase of Jesus, no other choice could ever serve as well. If Jesus is the One, then nothing else and noone else can ever be the one. Only Jesuscan offer our highest good or claim our highest allegiance.

If Jesus is the One, corporate America can’t make thatclaim. We might be grateful foropportunities for meaningful work and the means of providing for our families, but we can’ttrust our ultimate security and well-being to a company or career.

If Jesus is the One, political institutions can’t fill thatrole. They provide stability and order,but we can’t pledge our ultimate fidelity to governments or political parties.

No other person can be the ne, Godly leaders inspire us withvision and courage. Our fathers offer usa heritage and send us forth to become men. Friends tell us the truth and stand by us in tough times. But none of them can offer the life that onlyGod can give.

Of course, we commit ourselves to these other allegiances. We act in faithfulness to our wives andfriends. But our ultimate allegiance mustbelong to Jesus alone. After all, he isthe one and only One.

Devotional from theNIV Men’s Devotional Bible
John 4:1-26, Psalm 2:1-12, Isaiah 42:1-25, Philippians 2:1-18