The Painful Last Minutes of the NYU Kimmel Occupation


For your enjoyment. :biggrin:


They wanted to “negotiate” whether or not to identify themselves??? What are these morons STUDYING? It’s certainly not U.S. Government.


Is it any wonder that the USA is nowhere to be found in scripture???
When this college generation fills the leadership slots of this country there is no way to go but down!!
Course we may be there even before they take the reins!?!?:angry:


Ahhhh! That was a good way to start the morning.


Looks like these snow flakes do not need college they have a career at Mickey D’s waiting for them. Daddy and mommy should with draw them from the school and save money.


Apparently these students were suspended and their campus housing was taken away and those that were in the demonstration that were not students were charged with trespassing.