The Plantation: Then and Now

The Plantation: Then and Now​
It’s the 21st century. Slavery is long gone. Blacks are no longer imprisoned on plantations… right? Actually, many are — just not in the way they used to be. Candace Owens issues a wake-up call. It’s time for a new liberation.

Today, slavery is only in non-white countries. How does that fit in with CRT?

Got news: Sex and other human trafficking- which is alive and well here- is slavery.

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Yes, that is very true too. I guess I meant slavery in the traditional sense of the word, as is mentioned in the first video.

Since the Biden administration has opened the borders, you could say that Biden and the Democrats support human trafficking, which is modern day slavery. Biden doesn’t give a rat’s tail about the crime the illegals bring here. He doesn’t even get disturbed if they have Covid. That keeps the disease going so that he can have more rules and lock-downs. All he wants is their votes after he has bought them.


Yes, but it’s highly conflated with adult sex work that is consensual.

Under the law, we treat all of them as human trafficking victims. And so inflate statistics.

And I’ll say again , there is no truth that the super bowl sees upticks in human trafficking. That is a myth, as sure as any myth Thomas Sowell has addressed.

Kamala Harris made a name for herself putting the founders of in jail for supposedly furthering human trafficking. That was also a myth, and the case fell apart.

I know Trump should of spoken up about his friend Epstein taking little girls to the Virgin Islands, but he was in the deep deep qstate and that would of blown his cover he had to act like a philandering idiot to root out the rot.

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@Unitedwestand would do well to ignore this topic here given the fact that his hero, Bill Clinton, was involved with Epstein far more than Trump ever was. If Trump had been involved with Epstein in an illicit way, the news media would have trumpeted the story to the heavens. He wasn’t, and there was nothing to report. Clinton, on the other hand, was, but the press ignored it.

As I remember it, Clinton went to Epstein’s “love island” in the Caribbean. Given that he went there, I’m sure that he didn’t do anything naughty.

Yea right, and Clinton “never had sex with ‘that woman,’ Miss Lewinsky,” too. Bill Clinton has been a faithful husband and is pure as the driven snow.

If you haven’t spotted my sarcasm, I’m pointing it out to you now.

Probably, but I understand that about 80% of prostitutes would get out of the business if they thought they could.

Modern sex workers have their own listing on sites like Onlyfans, which they helped build, and will likely have camgirl / guy channels on the side.

Technology has eliminated the need for middlemen or pimps. Which means people do it all the more of their own volition.

And even people who were forced into it, are among those pushing for it to be decriminalized. They don’t see doing it as being a victim. Only if you’re doing it for someone else, rather than out of your own desire to lead your life.

I’ll meet you both half way they BOTH SIDES effed minors. Ok… I’m pretty sure they both did it. How did Trump know? How would he know that unless he was doing that or talking about that with him?
My buddy Adrien likes weed he still likes weed he liked weed as much as I did back in 2005… how would I know that @Sendgop maybe because we smoked down back in the day. Are you really Really Really that Naive?

“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump told New York Magazine that year for a story headlined “Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery.” “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it - Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

That’s a lie. We do not meet Marxists half way in their lies.

AND that is once again OFF TOPIC

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Yes. Democrats help slavery in America and in China. They have never changed

1 I can’t speak to all of this, but sex trafficking is the fastest growing crime.
2 I need some clarity as to how you’re reconciling being forced into it as opposed to doing it of one’s own volition. Are you saying that once they’re damaged goods, they decide they might as well roll with it? Because although it’s separate from the issue of volition, I don’t find that to be a sound argument to support it.

Some people can’t get laid and have to pay for it one way or another and they will always support this issue regardless of party. We have democratic incels too that want this, and I just like can’t stand this. I mean families first, broken homes breed the worst kind of sadistic stuff. The thing about Meth and Prostitution is it can happen anywhere except in nice neighborhoods with decent people and good schools.

Fantasy Chaser you and me have one huge thing in common were both tired of the hedonism it doesn’t lead anywhere meaningful. If Utah wasn’t so Mormon that’d be my first pick to live strong families, strong communities. I’m thinking Nebraska could be nice. Pueblo, Colorado is in my price range. I’ve been looking at that area. I like it dry and about 70 degrees. Houses tend to be small out that way tho.

Uh, what about the workers? Don’t they have a voice here?

To illustrate, this is an interview put together by Bari Weiss, the former NYT reporter who left because she wasn’t “woke”.

Aella, the women interviewed, used to be a cam girl, and she was very successful at it. Aella is one of the leading stars on OnlyFans; a platform women like her were instrumental in building. She however chose to then move into escort work, because it was less of a chore, and allowed more intimacy.

She found her job as an escort commonly went along with providing council and companionship to people who otherwise could not find it. She values her ability to do that.

Why is that invalid? Because her lady parts are sometimes involved?

Aella was also truly frustrated by the Atlanta Spa attack, where workers were killed, and it was blamed on racism. Which of course, was full of crap.