The President has done it again!

Have you seen his remarks on the California homeless situation as it affects health…and. the. ENVIRONMENT!!

California (and other states)sanctuary cities…homeless situation is affecting public health and the environment…these needles are trashing up our cities leading to diseases that up to now had been eradicated, and trashing up the ocean.

The libs are being placed in a situation where they must defend their homeless policies.

no and I mean NO republican candidate could have done or do the things this president is doing. He is turning the left on their heads. They don’t know how to handle this guy. He makes them look like the asses they are. He EXPOSES them and their stupid policies.


Something wrong with your link but I assume that you are referring to the President’s intention to go after LA and SF using the EPA I can visualize their heads exploding already.



my link is working for me. I"ll post it again.

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Both links take me to a page of stories from March 24th 2017.

darn it. Yes. I linked to the wrong one.

THis is more current but not the one from earlier this morning.

here/ dated today . Can you get this one? old dog.

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hmmm. interesting. My intended link is sept 19, 2019. That is what i’m seeing. Are you? When I go to it. it takes me to 2017 with an error message.

I think I have it fixed. Try it.

New link is good to go.

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This ought to make the lefts’ heads explode! Imagine the President using the left’s favorite federal agency to thwart their stupidity!


It is amazing that the California leftists, who are constantly lecturing us for our “lack of compassion,” have allowed this situation to reach this point. They have neighborhoods that match the worst conditions in a third world country. Now they demand that the rest of the rest of the country is obligated to pay for picking up the pieces from the results of their idiotic policies.

They charge the highest taxes in The United State; they should pay for it.


Garcetti is blaming homeless situation on California state republicans. wha?

Aside from a a few Republicans in Northern California, are there any left, especially in San Francisco? The Democrats own this.

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They won’t even allow Republicans on the ballot for many races.

Yea, the new “jungle primary law” makes the elections between two Democrats. It’s the kind of elections that they used to hold in the Soviet Union. Of course they had only one candidate there, but that will be the next “election reform” measure in California.