The Prince - by Francine Rivers

This is a Biblical fiction story about Jonathan, the son of Saul. It’s a “very well might have been” scenario, since it captures the personality of Jonathan as well as it can be seen in the Bible. It also follows his father as he starts out, not wanting to be anything but a farmer, but ends up with his power-trip of being King.

There is one item that is stated a couple of times that is contrary to the Bible - it states that people were not to marry outside their own tribe. This was never true, except in the case of daughters who inherited, so that their father’s inheritance would remain within the tribe. Normally, the woman became a part of her husband’s tribe, so if daughters who inherited married outside their tribe, they would take the property with them. This “ruling” came about after a challenge by the daughters of Zelophehad.

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Did you read *Redeeming Love *by Francine Rivers?

No, that’s the only one of hers I’ve ever read. It was a gift to FC from my sister.