The problem with "liberals"


Simply a STUPID comment, CSB. The original protest was organized by people who resented (and still resent) the left trying to wipe out the regional heritage embodied by the statue of R.E. Lee in that park. They were JOINED by members of a white supremacy group but only AFTER BLM, et al, announced that they would form a counter-protest, which they eventually did. The Charlottesville Mayor, instructed the PD to restrict the original protest to exiting from the park through the ONE exit (out of 7) which would put them in direct contact with the so-called “counter-protesters,” KNOWING that doing so would result in a violent confrontation for the TV cameras.


I don’t deny that, but that’s not really the point now is it? When the white nationalist showed up and started chanting they racist crap, the people you’re talking about stepped aside. I know I would, I wouldn’t want to be confused with those idiots. If Trump was really talking about the same people you are, then he should have made that distinction, but we both know that one of two things happened.

The presidents IQ is so low, that he couldn’t make the distinction, or

He does make the distinction which is why he offered his lukewarm days late rebuke of the racists because a delayed half-hearted rebuke is the same as an attaboy in their eyes.


While I don’t agree with BLM on how to handle the statues and their handling of the situation often makes matters worse, it’s immaterial to what I’m talking about. If the President was really talking about people who came to oppose the removal of a statue on historical grounds, then he should have made that distinction in his comment, but he knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he conflated what was going on there. To think otherwise is to be obscenely gullible.


Nonsense, CSB. You’re doing what all liberals tend to do…attributing motives to President Trump that he didn’t have based on how YOU would react in a similar circumstance. Remember that he made those comments during what amounted to “ambush” questioning by the media pundits. “He should haves” have nothing to do with what President Trump intended. If you think you can do better, then run for President yourself and we’ll see.


Seriously? Cry me a river. :tired_face:

On my worst day I’d be better than this President on his best day.


I’m not familiar with the specifics of the case in question, but I doubt that you’ve been ambushed by the media like Trump (and a lot of other well-known conservatives have been; it’s a favorite tactic of Michael Moore), and I doubt you truly know how well you would respond/articulate in a case like that.

I think you don’t know the tenth of what he deals with.


I don’t know whether to laugh at such arrogant hubris or cry that you are showing such appalling ignorance by that post.


That’s just ironic…


Only if your take of his alleged ignorance (not saying I agree with nearly everything he does) were true, and if you were as in the know as someone who gets all kinds of briefings every day.