The Proud Boys

Core Values Of The Proud Boys

Minimal Government
Maximum Freedom
Anti-Political Correctness
Anti-Drug War
Closed Borders
Anti-Racial Guilt
Pro-Free Speech (1st Amendment)
Pro-Gun Rights (2nd Amendment)
Glorifying the Entrepreneur
Venerating the Housewife
Reinstating a Spirit of Western Chauvinism

Though these are our central tenets, all that is required to become a Proud Boy is that a man declare he is “a Western chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world.” We do not discriminate based upon race or sexual orientation/preference. We are not an “ism”, “ist”, or “phobic” that fits the Left’s narrative. We truly believe that the West Is The Best and welcome those who believe in the same tenets as us.

Someone tell what’s wrong with this

Black Hammer Organization annouces parnering with Proud Boys:

"We got a special gift from the Proud Boys for Christmas and don’t worry Proud Boys, we have a gift for you too! Let’s start off the new year by taking down fake news and uplifting the truth! On JANUARY 6TH we’ll be protesting at the CNN HQ in Atlanta in front of the CNN sign!

Land Back Hammers and Supporters,

As of Monday, Dec. 13th, the Black Hammer Organization officially announced its coalition with the Proud Boys against Fauci’s mandate and the left. BLM and Antifa goons immediately took to Twitter to decry our organization, and our work feeding the homeless from Atlanta, to Chicago, to Los Angeles, to Nairobi, in Kenya.

Back in January, it was Black Hammer who declared war against Antifa terrorists, who were burning down Black and Brown Communities.

Now, less than a year later, we are blessed to be building bridges between working class and poor people of color and working class and poor white people to stand up for our Constitutional rights. If there was any doubt that Black Hammer is the vanguard against Big Pharma and the fascist left-wing regime, we have closed out the year brushing these doubts to the roadside.

Commander-in-Chief, Gazi, Kodzo, first hinted at the coalition in an interview this past Tuesday with Gavin McInnes. During the interview, Gazi and Gavin reminisced how the Proud Boys, founded by Gavin, had originally found each other in the YouTube comments of Gazi’s videos. The two have since come full circle, uniting after nearly a decade, in the wake of Black Hammer’s protests in front of the CDC Headquarters, speaking out against Big Pharma and the Democratic Establishment who dances willfully at the end of their puppet strings.