‘The queen of warmongers’: Tulsi Gabbard just responded to Hillary Clinton

The Gal Has Spunk!

Hillary has finally revealed what she is to her supporters. An old sore head who is mentally ill with anger and longing.

This is a reflection of what the modern Democratic Party is. She also called Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, a Russian agent. We now know how sick Hillary and the Democrats, who regret her 2016 loss, are. They need a big kick in the pants to attempt to come back to reality.

I doubt that will make a difference. They are robots programmed by our sad education system.

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I think Tulsi Gabbard is about to contract a fatal case of “suspicious circumstances”…

That’s a huge possibility. But then Tulsi has some military experience.

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Perhaps this is opening salvo in the 2020 Hillary for president campaign. She and Chelsea are appearing on the Steven Colbert Show tonight. It would be a good time to show the weeds of ambition. This woman won’t give up. There is too much money, fame and power at stake. There is not enough money, wealth and power to satisfy her.

She can run again if she wants I guess…but I don’t think even the left has any stomach for that.

I do think that it is the power…and as long as someone in the immediate family has it, she can be as happy as she can knowing she lost what she thought was HERS.

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