The R3volution is a Front


Tom Woods and Gary Franchi the two men who set up and ran the Ron Paul Revolution Super Pac stole that money right from under the Ron Paul Supporters’ noses. Something I’ve been warning them about since January. Did they listen? Nope!

Anti-Ron Paul Bot: The R3VOLUTION is a Front!!!

What do you think about this story Paul supporters?


Most of us wisely stayed away from Franchi and his badly run PAC and warned others. However, Woods had nothing to do with it. He was an honorary chairman and only did some script writing for commercials.


Lord knows money has never been embezzled from either of the two major parties war chests. (Just to be clear after the other thread, this is an example of sarcasm. Note: personal insults were not included)


Tom Woods never saw the books, was never even put in charge of anything finance related. Personally I think this gives the revolution a bad name obviously, but I never gave to RevPac. Only to the official campaign.

But Tom Woods is a good guy, there is no possible way he did anything wrong (other than maybe he should have done more due diligence on RevPac)