The Rape Of Innocence

It would seem that the entire family of Biden’s are corrupt!

Beau Biden Agreed to Lenient Plea Deal for DuPont Heir Who Raped 3-Year-Old

Judge said du Pont heir ‘will not fare well’ in prison

The Biden’s are a family of entitled scumbags who have never held a real job and become extremely wealthy based on political corruption, that is why they are so popular in the Democrat Party; they fully embrace the Party’s “values” without reservation or conscience :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Biden family values = Clinton family values

Get elected to office. Advance up the political ladder, and if you get high enough, you can get very rich by selling favors.

If you push “progressive politics,” millions of pubic school and university programmed robots will vote for you and defend your wrong doing for as long as needed. A Socialist Democrat can do no wrong; a principled conservative can do no right. That is in the robotic hardware; it goes beyond the software because these robots can’t be reprogrammed by the facts.


Some guy posted on facebook today:

**We should hire illegal immigrants to hunt down child molesters for a chance at citizenship. We can call the program:


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Sounds like a good script for Hollywood. Now if we can just the right mix of races and ethnic backgrounds in the cast and crew, like they will require for the Oscars.

Does anyone seriously want to watch that stupid show any more? I don’t and I’ve got hundreds of classic and fairly new films on DVD. I have been a movie fan for years, but most of the modern stuff that get’s awards sucks.