The RCMP has had key to ‘unlock’ BlackBerry messages since as early as 2010, report s


The RCMP has had key to ‘unlock’ BlackBerry messages since as early as 2010, report says | Financial Post

Unlike the FBI, Canadian police don’t need to worry about such things as human rights, warrants and rule of law.

Ultimately, just as the Canadian police have regularly stabbed American corporations via the spread of unions to place them at a disadvantage, this revelation is sure to harm Research In Motions ability to build confidence with potential customers. Canada is already pushing a decades low of foreign investment.

As if RIM needed a quicker push to the has been junkpile of failed companies…


Unlike the FBI? Never stopped the NSA… pfft, NSA probably gave it to the RCMP.


The NSA doesn’t interfere in citizens careers, nor spread hatred for allies or try and generate unions at foreign companies operating on Canadian soil. Some people call it backstabbing, the Canadian apparatus calls it “what they don’t know wont hurt them”, until of course, allies find out. Then you have record low foreign investment and record trade deficits as Canada is currently experiencing. Expect a much lower Canadian dollar over the next decade.

Comparing the American system based on Rule of Law and the Constitution to the Canadian system is a very far stretch indeed. I would love to see Canada operate as other democracies and our closest allies operate, there are many reasons we do not and it will cause harm to our future prospects.


Pfffftttt, lol. You really haven’t dug into the Snowden files at all, have you? This odd usa worship you have fascinates me. Please, tell me more about how the NSA adheres to the rule of law. Please, tell me, as somebody who has been following IN DETAIL all of the illegal & unconstitutional activities the NSA has been doing since long before even Snowden even was on anybodies radar. Please, educate me, because from where I sit…