The Real Donald Trump


I’ll be brief and very much to the point:

Trump makes statements regarding policy one day and then claims the next day or the next week or the next month that he never said what he did, in fact, say. In Oklahoma, my home state, and in Texas, where I currently reside, that’s known as lying.

It is true, unlike members of the political class, Trump speaks his mind. The problem is he changes his mind as often as he changes his underwear. During the last debate he was caught several times changing his policy positions from previous statements. Whenever the moderators pointed this out and asked for an explanation, Trump offered that he was “flexible” and was willing to be a deal maker. Isn’t it those Republicans we’ve sent to Washington who have all too often been “flexible” and all too willing to cut deals with Democrats that is precisely why so many of us are TOTALLY PISSED OFF!!

Yes, Trump does speak his mind. More to the point, Trump says whatever comes to mind. Hardly a day goes by that Trump doesn’t utter a policy pronouncement that he doesn’t feel the need to walk back the next day. It has happened repeatedly throughout this campaign. What that signals to me, and what I hope some of you consider - it signals Trump has not given serious/in-depth consideration to the issues surrounding the policy he is putting forward. Who knows - he may not even recognize the issues involved. That should serve to give us pause.

There is no doubt that Trump has struck an emotional chord with voters; voters who have had it up to their ass with sending politicians and politician’s promises to Washington, only to get the same old, same old - bullsh*t.

That said, IMHO we can, we should and I think we must demand more of a candidate for president than what we have in Donald Trump.


It seems that Cruz is picking up a little speed. I wonder, though, is it enough…?


I just read an article on Trump and abortion. Although he has claimed to have changed from pro-abortion to pro-life, it seems he still sees planned parenthood as a boon for women. After having said that, he then says that he is all for de-funding planned parenthood. Cruz is absolutely pro-life and always has been. Now, I’m not one to begrudge someone who has “seen the light” regarding abortion–the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson is a perfect example. But it seems Trump is straddling the fence here. I’m going to have to do a lot of praying about this.


“Straddling the Fence” is putting it mildly.
Trump is (now) pro-life. He, however, is under some illusion that PP does do “great” good in providing birth control and sex education, and that’s the part government should support.
…as if government can support one part of what they do - even if they did, which they don’t - and not the other.

Well, PP does hand out b.c. pills and condoms. But, afaik, that’s the extent of their ‘sex education.’ Which isn’t any part of the gov’t’s job to get involved with in the first place.

On this particular subject, Trump gets an “F” in my grade book.


2cent: I have to agree with you on this. Trying to divvy up monies for an evil organization such as pp only gives them the opportunity to spread their monies around better. Besides, pp earns most of its profits from abortions, not birth control or sex ed. Trump is deluding himself or trying to delude us.


Seems that Donald does not understand the meaning of “fungible”. Whatever funds are provided to Planned Parenthood it will “move around” within the business to fund activities as its leadership sees fit.


I prefer my candidates to be bullheaded, and refuse to change course, even after they are obviously wrong, and even getting people killed as a result. That’s why Bush was such an awesome president. Didn’t matter how wrong he was, he would never admit a mistake, or change how he would do things. If something failed, he’d just double down on the failure and insist things will eventually get better.


Trump is no fool even though he is a fool. He can read the mood and manipulate that to his advantage. There are people who no doubt support him for legitimate reasons but most people are just caught up with the atmosphere and are going along to get along. It is part of the reason he can do a 180 on issues and no one cares. One of the many problems with the voting base.


He knows how to “Play the game”, very Canadian of him actually but I digress. He can figure out how to win the candidacy, he can probably even figure out how to beat Clinton in a General, doesn’t mean he will be the best leader nor the best GOP candidate available.

He will hire smart people to be sure which is one hope I hold out IF he wins. Smart people can influence him to reconsider some of his decisions, though his rhetoric is probably not something he can change. If he wants to be a socialist like Sanders, but simply place an R before his name instead of a D, than whats the point?

By the way Seravee, thank your fellow Texans for me. I was worried you guys might vote Trump. I would have lost some of my faith in the great state :smiley: Though I think he did get a high percentage there which did surprise me somewhat. it is quite clear; not that we needed it to be confirmed, that Americans are quite angry. This vote for Trump is as much if not more a vote against the status quo than it is a vote for Trump.


You must adore Barack Obama; just described him to a T! :rofl:


That’s exactly what I was thinking! You beat me to the post!


You skip the notion that MOST of Trump’s support comes from people who are “MAD AS HELL, AND NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

They can see (almost) quite clearly through what Trump is messaging as his positions. They DON’T CARE! It is a BESIDE THE POINT.

Getting the RNC to STOP it’s Tom-foolery is their point.

And I don’t blame them one bit. I don’t see them as being un or non-Christian for having that as their priority.


Case in point. I supported Cruz when he ran for the Senate because Kay Bailey Hutchinson was a parasite. The only reason I support him not is because he is the only person my views align with. I am not fanatic Cruz supporter. I look past his angry rhetoric just as I see past Trumps and look at their positions. A person can talk a lot of crap on the campaign trail but their positions both past and present determine what they will do in the White House. I didn’t vote for a flip-flopper in 2012 and I won’t in 2016 either.


Only problem is that NEITHER Trump nor Cruz is innocent of flip-flopping. Cruz, most definitely to a lower degree…until he decided to take on the likes of the Bush’s for his support. Along w/a myriad of other not so gallant contrasts to what we’ve considered him in the past.


Exactly how Americans handle economic policy! :grin: