The real life Lord of the Flies

this is so good you must read it.

I’m sure you’ve read Golding’s book sometime when you were in high school…but did you know that there is a real life story of boys stranded for a long time on a remote island. It is far different from Golding’s Lord of the Flies.

Then it tells you a little of Golding’s character and background and you’ll see why he thinks his way about human nature.

I taught literature for a few years (not my strength) and “The Lord of the Flies” was one of my favorite books to teach. I’m not much of a fiction reader, but certain books such as this always intrigued me because of the subtle intimations. Makes you think.

Did you read that article I posted at the link. It certainly changes your view of Golding. It did mine. He seemed to be a Nazi sympathizer.

Yes, I read it–twice actually. I don’t get the impression that Golding supported the Nazi regime. What I got is that he recognized the brutality of the Nazis in himself. That was, to me, not an admission of support, but a condemnation of his own weakness and lack of empathy. As for the “other” case of boys being abandoned on an island and not reported, I would think that is a sad and unfortunate situation perpetrated by the media. The mid 60’s were fraught with rebellion, the Viet Nam war, the assassination of JFK, and other distractions during that time span.

all true of course @ClassicalTeacher. Just have a problem with people expressing sympathy for Nazis…even though I am Called one…LOL and folks who think Judas can be forgiven.

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Understood completely, Caroline!! I hate anti-Semitism more than I hate racism. Racism is often used as an excuse for bad behaviors. Anti-Semitism on the other hand, Is rarely used to excuse personal crimes in our modern society. But I love your mind, Caroline. You make me think a little deeper! And that’s a very good thing!

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nah…You’re the brain. :slight_smile:

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