Arlen Specter
Susan Collins
Olympia Snowe ( My new favorite Liberal, Cuz Specter left the party)
Jon Huntsman Junior
Nelson Rockefeller
Charles Dent
Robert Simmons
Lincoln Chaffee
John Chaffee
Christopher Shays
Richard Schweiker (Not Mark ,Mark’s the fmr governor from PA)

Um… any one I missed ?


Arlen Specter is a RINO.

He’s not a Republican anymore lol


I consider Mitt Romney a RINO. He let Taxachusetts go on taxing and spending under his watch. As you can tell…I’m not a Romney fan.


He’s in MA. A liberal State.

ROmney is a strong Fiscal and Foreign Cosnervative. and a Social Moderate.

He’s still pretty darn conservative.


Careful. That can get you lynched around here.



Il ike ROmney and supported him in 2008 after Rudy bowed out.


He didn’t show it when he was governor. cough Romneycare cough


I’m surpised no one said Huckabee was a RINO for rasing taxes.

I think Hucakbee is COnservative only because of his far-right Social Stances. He’s a Fiscal Moderate and a Foreign Conservative.


Chuck Hagel is a RINO


Because it’s cool amongst the members here to hate on him.


That he is.


Se. I’m a Social Far-rightist. But I have sypthy for some RINOS, like Specter his pro-gun stance and his religion kept me on his side… til now.

Snowe isn’t that bad. She’s Moderate.

Goerge Voinich is alright.

DeSWINE was annoying
Chuck BAGEL sucks


I actually like Snowe and Collins. They were able to negotiate more tax cuts into and more wasteful spending out of the ORIGINAL spendulus. Specter though…I havs have nothing to say to him!


Specter seems a little mixed up on some issues;

Voted YES on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers. (Jul 2005)
Voted NO on banning lawsuits against gun manufacturers for gun violence. (Mar 2004)

Arlen Specter on the Issues



On the conservative scale, the ten lowest-scoring senators are:

**1. Olympia Snowe, Maine: (ACU Rating: 12) **

(Only one point higher than liberal Democrat Hillary Clinton who the ACU scored an 11, and an astonishing 4 points lower than Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid’s 16.)

2. Susan Collins, Maine: 20
(Collins received the same score as liberal Claire McCaskill, and 4 points lower than Russ Feingold’s 24)

**3. Arlen Specter, PA: 42 **(Only 10 points higher than Mary Landrieu’s 32)

Top 10 Senate RINOs - HUMAN EVENTS

Harry Reid more conservative than Olympia Snowe. :howler:

On the Congressional side, they list 9. Patrick Murphy, Pa. : 48
as #9 RINO, but he is a DEMOCRAT. :confused:



My favorite moderates :




  • Palin
  • Crist
  • Arnold
    -De Lay
  • Hassert
  • Rumsfeld


I think Specter often put his finger to test the wind, and voted whichever way he thought would gain him the most votes.


Specter is a party Hopper :slight_smile: