The real winner of Super Tuesday was Canada after surge in searches for ‘how to move’


The real winner of Super Tuesday was Canada, after searches for

Appears many Americans are so worried about Trump they crashed the Canadian immigration website.

In general; I say in general and not in every case obviously, the driven, ambitious and strongest supporters of liberty and individualism leave Canada to pursue their dreams in America, while Americans who believe in socialism and state dependence make the move north to Canada. I could further generalize and suggest that we receive your “low performers” and you receive our “high performers”, but that would be going slightly too far.

There was a link I posted a few months ago that explains the results of this in an astonishing manner and I believe at least some of my thesis can be extrapolated by the results. Even though America has 10x the population of Canada, a full 10x the number of citizens in real numbers, not proportionally, leave Canada for America never to return than vice versa. So, even if some of these people decide to leave America for Canada, you can be sure a large number of them will return. It is actually a surprising number considering the population differences and surely there must be some reliability that surpasses the standard deviation for such an outcome.


A couple of observations: One, I doubt that more an infintitesimal percentage would actually move. Two, no matter how many do, I doubt it’ll be any good to Canada.


Yeah, this is just drama.

I mean really, who is going to leave their jobs, friends, family behind, because of the person occupying the Whitehouse? And Canada has a conservative government ATM, so it’s not even like you’re fleeing to a haven for liberal government.


Actually we HAD a Conservative government, we now have a Liberal government, recently elected a few months ago.


I don’t think you’re going to consider yourselves “winners” when you see the sort of people who will “flee to Canada” if Trump wins in November.


If these people were serious about moving I would vote for Trump. I hate to dump the trash in Canada but at least it wouldn’t be here.


Exactly, they have gone hard Left anyway so our garbage probably won’t even be noticed.