The Repeal Vote is TODAY (01-19-11)


Folks, in case you didn’t hear, Congress votes TODAY on whether or not to repeal ObamaCare. Please visit and ask your member to vote for REPEAL!!!


So…Have you called your CongressCritters? Do you know how they will be voting?
As Cong. Womack helped write the new bill, I think it’s safe to say which way he’ll be voting. :smile:


I know mine is on board. The lady just to the North will cancel out his vote though. She would run naked through the Capital waving a Chinese flag if Obama asked.


That’d be a cheerful phone call. “Hello, Senator Reid, I was just wondering if you would consider supporting the repeal of Ob-” click

Ensign and Heller might go for it, though. :eusa_think: Maybe I’ll call, just to see what they’re planning on doing.


245 to 189 in favor of repeal.

Now it is on to the Senate where my two Communist Senators will try to kill it in its tracks.


Join Mike Huckabee and demand Congress Repeal It Now!
Repeal it NOW!

Also, an ObamaCare calculator Health Care Bill – Gross Cost of Coverage Provisions


Good sites, Bigfoot. Thanks.


Yeah. We finally got rid of Lincoln while too many weren’t looking behind the curtain - Pryor. Ugh. But at least we now have Sen. Boozman. He will ost likely vote to repeal, but I highly doubt Pryor will.
Oh, I didn’t see the Senate voting to repeal, but I did see the Congress voting to do so as a good start!
Thanks for the update!


Yep, it’s in the hands of the Senate now. I will be sure to hold my senators accountable.

Unfortunately, Rep Bennie Thompson (D) was re-elected, but seeing the racial makeup of my district, it’s hard to imagine him ever losing his seat.

His opponent in the las election was a great guy, also black, but the RNC did next to no campaigning on his behalf. I think they knew they had no chance, but damn, I wish they would have tried.


I keep hearing that the senate doesn’t have enough of a vote.


It’s not expected to make it through the senate, but this is the thing:

The Republicans PROMISED they would do this, and they are delivering.
They can’t make the Dems back it, but they are fulfilling thier campaign promise on this.


Exactly, even if this effort cannot succeed today it declares the sharp differences between the Party that made a thousand promises and forgot them all once elected and the Party that made a few specific promises and kept them.

I only hope that if the GOP regains full governing control in 2012 that they remain as willing to keep their promises as they are today. Keeping their word when it means it will become law is much harder than keeping their word when they know the President will veto it.

We must keep the volume cranked up high between now and then or they will think we stopped paying attention and crumble under the pressure.


Rett, ain’t it so! Take a bow!
(I was saying nearly the exact same thing to a neighbor lady who is sure that she’s far more well informed about politics than I am. As in, I’m too stupid to know that the Senate ain’t gonna pass it. Duh. That’s clever. :rolleyes: Then again, she did think that it took two thirds of the states to join together in the LAW SUIT(S) arguing that Obamacare is unConstitutional in order for the repeal to happen. Took a while to explain that 2 different things are happening at the same time, and that it’s not the Senators, nor Representatives who do THAT suit; it’s the Attorneys General. I think I got through. God save us all.)


Wait a minute. That only adds up to 434. Who chickened out?


Yeah that whole “don’t bother, it won’t succeed” attitude is ridiculous. The Liberals did not trash our Constitution in one big piece of legislation, they have been incrementally picking it to shreds for decades.

They may have have really ramped up the efforts the last few years but we must accept that we are in this for the LONG haul as well if we want our kids to have any shot at a future that includes opportunity and Liberty.

Every promise kept and every effort made is an advancement toward that goal.
We don’t need a Homerun every time, most teams win it all playing “small ball”.

I probably should use a different analogy since nobody follows baseball anymore. :eusa_think:


Representative Giffords, understandable considering the week she has had.

House Roll Call #14 Details - OpenCongress


When’s the Senate vote?


Oh goodness! What was I thinking? :embarrese


I felt bad as well because I had to look up who skipped :awkward: